BARNES Mauritius

BARNES Mauritius

Superb apartments in the heart of Grand Baie, villas perched on the hills, houses surrounded by complete nature … The best real estate in Mauritius by real estate agency, BARNES Mauritius.

The BARNES real estate agency in Mauritius guides and accompanies you in all your real estate plans on this paradisaical island, whether it's a long or short term rental, a sale or a purchase.

Since 2002, Mauritius has opened its territory to foreign investors, and BARNES offers personal assistance to its clientele. From a presentation of life on the island to a selection of property that best suits you, in addition to useful advice regarding the administrative formalities and management of your property in Mauritius, BARNES takes care of everything.

BARNES Mauritius shares a mandate with all developers of the island, and its mission is to accompany each client, providing them with best advice in order to find their dream home on this magical island.

Mauritius according to BARNES ...

Luxury real estate market in Mauritius

Mauritius has a wide range of luxury properties, from apartments in the heart of the vibrant Grand Bay town to golf villas on lush estates in one of the more quiet corners of the island.

Life in Mauritius

Life in Mauritius follows the tranquil movements of the sea and its waves, flowing slowly in the caressing way, known as island life. The other side of the island is a vibrant, modern cyber society which prides itself as one of the model democracies of the African region with technological advancements in communication, banking, and finance.

Our favorite neighborhoods in Mauritius

For family life, Mauritius offers international schooling at the highest level, both in English and French, and a variety of activities that are hard to find elsewhere.

Our favorite place in Mauritius

The island is safe and secure, has the same time zone as Europe, and all major airlines fly to Mauritius several times a day. Mauritius has never known any natural disasters or epidemics.

Mauritius in a few words

Multi-cultural and multi-religious, where all communities cohabit in a peaceful and respectful way.

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