Under the ficus trees

We have the soul of a poet. Not that we think or speak in haikus, nor are we primed with rhymes, but perhaps because we like to hangout amid artists and writers at the cafe Suzanna, an institution of Tel Aviv.

Housed in the bohemian neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, this rustic terrace is the mark of all things artistic and trendy for those over the age of 15. Under the shade of the old ficus trees - that probably would, too, have great stories to tell - time seems to stop, only beginning again to the rhythm of parading trays. A crowd is always gathered for the best kebbeh in the city, a various and diverse selection of mezze, and refreshing homemade lemonade.

Just a few blocks from the sea, Suzanna transports you with its soothing, oriental atmosphere. Start the day early or late with a typical breakfast that’s served until 1 pm. Having left and wandered the busy streets of Neve Tzedek, we returned as the sun began to set. But this time to have a drink on Suzanna’s rooftop terrace, for imagination and elation.

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