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White like the sand of its beaches, white like the nights spent in its trendy neighborhoods, especially white like the Bauhaus-style buildings lining its flowery streets … Israel’s city of youth, Tel Aviv-Jaffa promises its residents and visitors the most colorful days.


Israel's Promenade des Anglais, the Tayelet closely resembles its cousin in Nice: a wide strip of land along the Mediterranean full of pedestrians, towels draping around their necks, and lined by a row of shiny buildings and lively bars. Heading towards the mainland, the streets become quieter and intertwined with a close-knit maze of buildings, shops and art galleries like the ones on Ben Yehuda Street. The beaches of Tel Aviv are known to be spotless, safe and well-equipped. They’ve even won the famous "Blue Flag." Large families, musicians, athletes, dog owners, sun enthusiasts, and the like find themselves on the sand, basking in the sun, enjoying this little piece of paradise.

By the sea, the majestic Carlton and Hilton hotels welcome an eclectic clientele, who check in to cool off after a day on the hot sand, settle in a suite overlooking the Mediterranean, or lounge in one of the saltwater pools. Further south of these luxury hotels, you’ll find the Charles Clore park on the seafront. The park hosts the event of the year: Gay Pride, the largest LGBT gathering in Asia, where more than 200,000 people assemble every year in June after the parade to celebrate love and tolerance. Tip: Those sensitive to bright colors and rainbows can enjoy the spectacle from the balcony.

Stroll down the Tayelet, if …

  1. You like to feel like you’re on vacation 24/7
  2. You get the blues without the Big Blue
  3. After Shabbat, you like to hang out with Aunt Rebecca and the cousins on the beach


The most prestigious boulevard and certainly the most well-known in Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard is the financial, commercial, cultural and touristic heart of the city. Lined with trendy restaurants, unique kiosks, high-end shops and noisy bars, the boulevard and the surrounding neighborhood are emblematic of the great Bauhaus architecture. Because of this, the city has earned the nickname "White City," which characterizes the building’s smooth facades and sleek, rounded edges built on stilts overlooking a shady garden. Effortless and chic.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the White City also boasts a few skyscrapers and the best of local culture around Rothschild Boulevard: the Habima Theater, Israel’s national theater; the Frederic Mann Auditorium where the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performs, and numerous art galleries. The area is sprinkled with beautiful squares and gardens. Their trees overlook the streets perpendicular to Rothschild Boulevard. The area’s architecture, particularly on Sheinkin Street, is remarkable and considered the home of the city’s best. Nearby, the Carmel Market offers a unique taste of everyday life in Israel. As for as transportation goes, walking or biking is recommended.

Head to Rothschild Boulevard, if …

  1. You are a lover of architecture
  2. 40 minutes of walking is your daily exercise
  3. You organize a "White Party" every month

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is located at the beginning (or ends?) of Rothschild Boulevard. An extremely old neighborhood built before the birth of Tel Aviv, Tzedek has adapted well to its time. Today, this bohemian neighborhood is the meeting place for young women who hop from one store to the other with a pomegranate juice in hand, stopping at Hatachana, a railway station renovated into a must-see mall. Artists and writers make their way to terrace to ponder on their next masterpiece. You’ll find them at the popular Café Suzanna.

The first Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa, Neve Tzedek has beautiful historic buildings along the narrow, cobbled streets. Art Nouveau and Bauhaus style, individual houses of character, are restored. The Suzanne Dellal Center of Dance and Theater or Nachum Gutman Museum display the intriguing beauty of Bauhaus architecture. Both tourists and locals get lost in its tangled streets - populated by shops, art galleries, and restaurants - like Shabazi Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in the area.

Undoubtedly, it's Neve Tzedek if …

  1. You’re working on your 5th novel
  2. This month’s shopping budget is like the horizon before you ... infinite
  3. You like change, especially when it’s Bauhaus

PS: Juice is the area’s preferred beverage. Take advantage of the organic juice stands stationed every 100 meters.


"Jaffa," as the locals call it, is a coastal city south of Tel Aviv, which is, in fact, its origin; this port, one of the oldest in the world on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, is now a small town with many sides. The walls lining the coastline begin in Tel Aviv and extend to the port of Jaffa, where fresh fish lovers come to woo fishermen at dawn.

The imposing Clock Tower, which stands proudly in its square, is a meeting place for many locals. Around this area, Jaffa’s famous flea market attracts more than a million people every year. Suffice to say that if you see a chair you like, buy it immediately without hesitation.

By sinking into the city, a corner of an alley with old buildings, you’ll discover the artists' quarter, where ancient estates and modern studios shelter galleries and art dealers. On the other hand, the modern Jaffa neighborhood is increasingly intruding into the city, so that new buildings rub shoulders with old houses, igniting the real estate market as a result.

It will be Jaffa if ...

  1. For you, the old is best served with the new
  2. Omega-3 is important!
  3. Your favorite fragrance? Sea Breeze


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