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Chic Cham. In the blink of an eye, it was love at first sight. As you know, when SoBarnes loves, it’s the heart that speaks. Ours, first and foremost, then the creators’ who bring us (and you by extension) so much happiness.

Chic Cham is an interior shop with magnificent windows located in an old forge workshop in Lausanne. A large loft decorated and inhabited (just for the day) by two beautiful young women with a bohemian-rock spirit. The furniture is arranged as it would be in a living room; the tables are set up with very beautiful glassware; candles are deliciously scented; library books are replaced by colorful cushions that one cannot help but touch.

Chic Cham is the result of a beautiful friendship between 2 artists, who are deeply moved by everything around them. Passionate about fashion, music, artisanal crafts from around the world, natural materials, and handmade objects. One - Annabelle, the blonde formally-trained architect and interior decorator - and the other - Pauline, the brunette who focuses more on graphics and styling. With their combined passions, unique knowledge and ethical respect, the talented duo creates the most beautiful things. They draw, they create fashionable trends, printed fabrics (floral or geometric), furniture with a to 50s Scandinavian touch.

Their joint love of fabrics come in all shapes and forms, offering moments of pure comforts, like these soft carpets that make us want to discreetly take off our shoe to spread our toes through the thick wool woven in India, in the most sacred tradition. They have even reinvented the seersucker, a very British embossed crepe, and a wide range of clothes and linens.

We stroll with delight between the original and neo-vintage (but cozy, to be more specific, not only design for the sake of design) furniture that can’t be found anywhere else. We see ourselves dreaming in colorful and soft cocoons: old-fashioned cotton sheets, quilts like our grandmothers’ favorites

Naturally, we settle on a sofa, but only after taking our time, spoiling ourselves with all the possible options. And because we have a big heart, we’ll spread the joy and share this beautiful address. For those who don’t live in Lausanne, Annabelle and Pauline have got it covered: an e-commerce site, regularly updated with all the current news.

So, finally, we say: Chic Cham and Champagne!


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