Under the stars of Budapest

A romantic dinner to stare into each other’s eyes, a girls’ night to gossip over drinks, a reunion to catch up with old friends ... if ever there was a perfect place to enjoy company in Budapest, it's the appropriately named eatery Mazel Tov!

Its reputation has spread at the speed of a shooting star, and for good reason. The Mazel Tov restaurant has, literally, positioned itself under the stars in the historical Jewish Quarter. It's become a go-to for a particularly chic crowd. A little SoBarnes secret: Do not forget to book in advance, otherwise you'll be very disappointed and miss out on experiencing Mazel Tov's signature ambiance.

Once you've crossed the porch of this post-industrial building in the eclectic District VII of Budapest, prepare to fall under its spell. Tables are set in the inner courtyard. The sky is illuminated by stars and hundreds of glowing lanterns. Plants are dramatically draped from the ceiling, giving a bucolic touch to this lively space.

We have to admit, the setting is completely unique, with beautiful lighting and friendly, ultra-efficient servers. Evenings spent at Mazel Tov are enlivened by the sound of a live jazz band - not too loud, not too soft. On special nights, DJs from around the world visit Mazel Tov to spin their tunes. We'd suggest following Mazel Tov events on social media or simply listen to the rumors that circulate the city about nightlife in Budapest - most of the time, they happen to be true.

But perhaps most importantly, reserve a table at Mazel Tov for its innovative menu specializing in fusion cuisine and featuring flavors from Israel and the Middle East: creative salads, falafel, shawarmas, grilled meats, as well as excellent hummus and feta dishes accompanied by tasty peppers. Dishes are as pleasing to the eye as they are tongue (and tummy!), colorful and Insta-ready for your viewing and tasting pleasures!

Now, there's only one thing left to say: Mazel Tov!

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