Discover Lisbon, a captivating city

You can’t help but be fascinated by this lively city, all the while feeling a sense of pride for its traditions.

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 Embark on a colourful and rhythmic tour of Lisbon

We come to Lisbon to discover the country as well as the region, falling under the spell of its warm atmosphere and sweet quality of life. And just like that, the desire to move there strikes.

Follow us, we’ll take you through the City of 7 Hills, to find your favorite place in the neighborhoods most beloved by Lisbon natives.

Principe Real

Known as one of Lisbon's trendiest neighborhoods, Principe Real is not only fashionable but one of the city's chicest places. Located north of Bairro Alto, it is full of new restaurants and stylish boutiques. Principe Real is also, above all, one of the most popular residential areas Lisbon natives and new residents who come from abroad. A quiet area, rich in palaces, museums, antique shops and green spaces including the wonderful Botanical Garden, Jardim Botânico da Faculdade de Ciências. The atmosphere is a lovely mix of high-end and bobo-chic—and we love it!


In every city, there is a so-called "bourgeois" neighborhood, and in Lisbon, it’s Chiado. One of the capital's most iconic and elegant districts with its beautiful 17th-century buildings. The atmosphere is romantic, a result of its many theatres, old literary cafes and charming bookstores found on random streets. The Chiado neighborhood was partly destroyed by a fie in 1988, but fortunately, very talented architects have rebuilt and restored historic buildings. Chiado is shopping mecca, with many cultural offerings, such as the Chiado Museum and the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC). And don’t miss beautiful strolls along the Rua Garret, the Rua Camo, and the Praça Luis de Cames.

You will immediately move to Lisbon, if...

  1. You dream of living in a city just a short walk from the beach
  2. You already speak 4 languages, Portuguese will be your 5th
  3. You want a high (high!) quality of life!

Estrela and Lapa

More quiet with its pretty tree-lined streets, the neighborhoods of Estrela and Lapa must be considered. The Baroque Basilica of Estrela and the National Assembly reflect the splendor of this district. The narrow streets, pastel-toned buildings, magnificent buildings, and numerous embassies attract a well-to-do population of Lisbon who is looking for serenity and greenery. Moments of well-being to savor around the small lakes, under the shade of the hundred-year-old trees of the beautiful romantic garden da Estrela.

Marvila and Beato

Artists always have a knack for adding a creative flair to new neighborhoods. Trendy places that quickly become unavoidable. Like the Meatpacking District in New York or Shoreditch in London, Marvila and Beato, known as Lisbon's East End, offer Lisbon residents these lively, lively spaces full of life.

The hangars, the warehouses are redesigned by architects to become apartments, ultra-modern lofts, innovative restaurants or concept stores. Artists animate avant-garde galleries, the creative spirit radiates and attracts more and more foreigners in search of modernity and good real estate deals.

Here's just a preview. Put on your sneakers, hop on a tram or take the aerial lift and immediately discover Lisbon and its 24 freguesias (boroughs).

Living in Lisbon is your future family project, if...

  1. The grey skies of ... you can't take it anymore
  2. Taking the funicular to go to work must be part of your life
  3. You hid it from your other half, but bacalhau is definitely your favorite dish


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