The beauty of Israel is widespread, but it reaches a peak on its Mediterranean coast, in the region of Gush Dan, in the city of Tel Aviv. You’ll find yourself wanting for very little in the country’s second largest city, with its selection of beautiful beaches, its vibrant culture, and its exciting way of life. The weather is nice year round, encouraging both visitors and residents to explore the beautiful “White City” and its distinguishing Bauhaus architecture of the 1930s, the historic neighborhood of Jaffa, the flea markets, art galleries and museums that spark curiosity and wonder, and incredible green spaces, promenades and botanical gardens. And that’s not all. As a true international city, known for its open arms and acceptance, Tel Aviv has much to offer. For proof of life, just look to its avenues, where everyone takes advantage of the city’s 25 miles of bike paths (the solved the problem of city traffic), skaters take over the streets, and fresh juice has become more valuable than water. In short, Israel is not to be discovered but to be lived.

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