B is for Big, Beautiful, Beloved Budapest. As the bright light of Eastern Europe and the capital city of Hungary, overflowing with the charm of the past while completely embracing the trends of today, continues to attract worldly, sophisticated global citizens. Split in half by the River Danube, Budapest offers variety. The two main districts are the hilly Buda district and the flat Pest district, connected by a luminous 19th-century Chain Bridge. Historic, artistic, and gastronomic, the city of Budapest is a hotbed of arts, culture, architecture, and cuisine, as it holds the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the Eastern Bloc. Aside from reputed restaurants, the streets of Budapest are filled with hip bars and trendy boutiques, museums, monuments like the Buda Castle, and luxurious thermal baths reminiscent of its Turkish influence. Find high-end real estate along the Danube Bend, chic apartments in the heart of the Budapest, and luxury properties on the shores of Lake Balaton. Stay tuned to SoBarnes for the scoop.

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