This mythical region of the world has stolen more hearts than can be counted. Located in the southern end of the Balkan peninsula, Greece is a magnificent combination of diverse, colorful, and beautiful landscapes and vibrant ways of life: blue skies, the natural mountainous terrain, and coastlines that seem to go on forever (the longest in all of Europe), the romantic allure of its historic relics, ruins and monuments, its hundreds of idyllic islands in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, with crystal-clear waters as far as the eye can see.

What’s not to love about Greece, its passionate culture, its great myths and legends, and its unique heritage? The country invites people from all over the world, with various interests, to join their celebration of music, of cuisine, of sportive and leisure activities, of the arts, and of life!

With so many real estate opportunities and places to live or vacation, the market is attracting a high-end international clientele looking to invest in commercial properties and fertile plots of land, buy beautiful beachfront villas on the Greek islands, or rent trendy industrial lofts in Athens. It’ll be love at first sight, let SoBarnes be your Cupid!

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