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A clue? It’s a mythical little fishing port of the Mediterranean. Coordinate the GPS to register the precise location and dock your yacht in front of the illustrious Le Girelier restaurant to make a grand entrance and taste its world-famous Bouillabaisse.

There's no better place in Saint-Tropez. Just a stone's throw away from Sénéquier, this emblematic restaurant is a household name throughout all of France (awarded 2 Michelin stars, it hasn’t gone unnoticed).

For the fish of the house, which is dressed very chic and in all white, a warm white thanks to a glittering light shining from the silver pebbles (we have a little weakness for those suspensions that we imagine would look so well in our living rooms), and the pink reflections of the bar that work in perfect harmony with the spectacle of the beautiful sunset in front of your table.

But from its true color, the one of Provençal gastronomy, you will discover that the dishes are deliciously decorated and prepared by two talented chefs, David Didelot and Laurent Simon. They prepare cuisine in which refinement is at its height with a unique know-how in the handling of spices, a guaranteed tasteful journey - works of art to watch and enjoy: seafood and shellfish, fish crusted in salt, delicious crustaceans, royal paella and the very famous and very generous "le Girelier" bouillabaisse made with the most beautiful rockfish in the Mediterranean. And, as a great connoisseur of French gastronomy, Mr. Jacques Chirac and his family are total fans of this dish.

Just as Mr. President, we say bravo and long live the French Bouillabaisse!

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