2 Barbarac, please

Put some alphabet letters in a hat, mix with a magic wand, declare abracadabra, and a Barbarac will appear.

We know Barbapapa, Barbaracle (for young people), Barberousse (for the slightly less young), and even Blablacar, but in Saint-Tropez, the most celebrated is the creamery Barbarac.

Its reputation is international, as is this tiny port of the Mediterranean. Since 1986, Harry Teneketzian has been making “Barbarac” ("ice cream" in Armenian) to satisfy our cravings. More than 50 original flavors crafted in his sophisticated laboratory, using fresh and natural products, in addition to his expertise.

While some are partying, we are in Saint-Tropez after all others work all night so that we can enjoy a taste of crispy cones filled with Harry's famous ice cream early in the morning.

Just steps away from the Gorille and Sénéquier, you can’t miss this famous creamery on Rue Allard, there’s always a small crowd waiting patiently, licking their lips. Hesitation as well as excitement is at its height, while some feel a distinct fervor, especially the little ones. Between refreshing sherbets, low-fat ice creams (to be devoured without moderation) and original flavors, our taste buds are tortured but not for long, promise, because the cones are quite generous.
And for your chic dinners at the villa, the shot-glass servings are just as delicious. You’ll be surprised.

Then, for us it’ll be a double, a mint and vine peach Barbarac, or maybe a double of chocolate and caramel with chunks of carambar.

Unbelievable how Harry, in Saint-Tropez, managed to keep prices very low for those irresistible moments of sweetness. We say bravo and thank you! He understands it all, we’ll come back to taste Harry’s 50 creations!

That's not all, but we have to leave you before the ice cream melts.

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