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With an exceptional geographic location and its charming villages, nestled between valleys and mountains, the Haute-Savoie seduces.

In the heart of the massive Rochebrune, Jaillet and Mont d'Arbois, Megève sparkles like snow, but knows how to keep intimacy in its plush and cozy chalets. Classy and opulent, it is no coincidence that Jean Cocteau called it the "21th arrondissement of Paris." Megève has nothing yet to envy of the capital, perhaps the Eiffel Tower ... however, it has the Mont-Blanc.

The Heart of Rich Cultural Heritage

The soul of Megève draws its vibrancy from its core. Inside this beautiful cocoon, small streets intersect with tall stone houses, wooden decks and small streams that glisten under the bright morning light. The center has all the elements of a dynamic and cultural hub: museums, skating rinks, theater, a music school, a multimedia library, and all without removing its warm and peaceful atmosphere of a true village of Savoy. Only the laughter of schoolchildren at the end of the day disturbs the silence and serenity of the mountains. Some curiosities too, like the persistent showdown between the two town halls.

Just a little higher, up the side of the emblematic district Mont d'Arbois, Jaillet and Princesse, elegantly enthroned with gigantic chalets, discreet on the outside and fabulous Art Deco on the inside, once the seducer of Cocteau, Sagan, Barclay, and today Salma Hayek, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marc Lavoine and many of the other leaders of Fortune 500s ... In the corners of alleys, find captivating architecture, beautiful landscapes and majestic mountains. Here, nature shows its invaluable authenticity. As authentic as the Chemin du Calvaire, the footpath is traced with chalets and pine trees, with 14 chapels and oratories of the 19th century. And more, a rather lovely Stations of the Cross.

Authentic as well, is Christmas with the incredibly huge and brightly illuminated Christmas tree in the square, the sound of horse's hooves against the pavement, pulling carriages of lovers and families. Here, tradition prevails and that's good thing.

Silent nights and Cuisine

Steeped influences of Rothschild, Megève has managed to instill a charm and a sense of luxury in its prestigious hotels. The hospitality and comfort of the Chalet du Mont d'Arbois warm hearts (and hands) in the harsh winter, while the hotel spa Le Fer à Cheval offers its pure spring water from the mountains for a relaxing bath. Then, there's nothing like the cozy world of the smoking room for a tasting of Habanos or San Cristobal cigar. The quality and sweetness of life are at the meet here.

An atmosphere embodied by the Fermes de Marie, old traditional farmhouses transformed into chic boutique hotels while still respecting the traditions of life at altitude. A life that is also available in family size, and for 5 digits a week at the Chalet des Fermes.

An undeniable passion to honor the land and lifestyle of the Haute-Savoie is the philosophy at the head of Megevannes tables. Emmanuel Renault, head chef of Flocons de Sel, creates avalanches of flavors with fresh game in truffles or asparagus soaked in caviar, the 1920 offers primarily wines of Rothschild properties, and the porch/patio of the Alpaga offers panoramic views of summits, face to face with Mont-Blanc.

In the Mountains (for all?)

Amidst the strong winter winds or the fresh summer air, Megève thrives year round for all to enjoy.

Nestled in the heart of the Mont-Blanc, Megeve encourages both skiing and walking, offering a fascinating mosaic of green forests and spacious clearings. A real El Dorado for skiers, hikers and nature lovers, and especially for those seeking rest and relaxation in nature’s embrace.

The snow coats many routes throughout this ski city, dazzling and gentle slopes for the youngest, the massive Côte 2000 for the amateurs to wide-open spaces, and the a freestyle zone for the more adventurous. A slope for all, all on the slopes? Or almost...

Non-skiers can know, too, how to enjoy Megève.

First, on a horse with trail rides between valleys and forests, smelling of hay and leather, or at the Polo Masters, the famous polo competition on snow.

Then by air, take a paraglider for a flight over the valley or a plane with a glass roof for a breathtaking panoramic view, Megève is even more beautiful from above.

Fashion in Megève

Paris, Milan, New York, London ... Megève? Fashion has also been recorded in the course of its history.

In 1930, Armand Allard, while based in Megeve, invented the ski pants - flattering, chic, practical - that replaced the Norwegian pants previously used for skiing. Today, the boutique Allard, still at the original address, place de l’Eglise, is the symbol of all things chic in the Alps. Another symbol, Megeve wool, legendary to the 60s, continues with House Arpin, heiress to Haute-Savoie inheritance of rugs, cushions, ready-to-wear, lamps. In the street, mink, shearling and lamb jackets hang about, staring at the windows of Hermes, Colmar and Celine.

Megève is for you if ...

  1. You love the Parisian life ... without pollution and blocks of apartment buildings
  2. You really love skiing, or like hiking, or enjoy paragliding, appreciate good food and wine, really adore shopping
  3. You like to feel, above all, exceptional if not unique


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