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Some cities have the wind in their sails, including Marseille. But it's not because of the Mistral. Rather, it's its good humor and joyful atmosphere that has become legendary, with its beautiful colors still inspiring artists. Marseille has and will always make others envious.

Marseille is booming

Not out of nowhere, the city took an upward turn, causing quite the craze. With it, visitors and buyers began to take notice of the luxury properties for sale in Marseille. The climate, warm sun, and high quality of life attracted new buyers in search of the perfect balance of tradition and modernity. They've fallen for the charm of Marseille's dynamism and beautiful renovations, including the port and docks, the new cultural landmark of the MUCEM museum, and above all, the beauty of Provençal heritage and quintessential Marseillais architecture. New residents are fond of luxury apartments and beautiful houses in the neighborhoods of Marseille, dazzled by city views. Who could blame them? Marseille is a metropolis in the heart of nature, boasting breathtaking panoramas. Buying a residence in Marseille, as a potential main residence or for immediate use, is more than a good idea—it's a beautiful one.

Living in Marseille is for you, if...

  1. You'd like to wake up in a good mood every morning
  2. You may not yet be Marseillais, but you do know how to play pétanque
  3. Modern, yet tradition à la française, is all you require


Live to the rhythm of nature

You'll find the city's hustle and bustle reigning over the old port of Marseille. It's been like this since the olden days when it served as a trade hub for Meditteranean countries and French colonies, thanks to its strategic location on the coast. Set at the foot of the Canebière, this iconic, incredibly renovated port has become one of the most famous marinas in the world, with many fashionable restaurants and boutiques. It's at the center of all the action in Marseille. But not to worry, traditions are held in high regards and well preserved to the delight of Marseille natives and visitors, who still flock to the fresh fish market multiple times a week.

The fishermen of Marseille are as famous as their accents (if you know, you know). The magnificent basically perched on the hill overlooks the districts of  Roucas Blanc and Vauban, extending its blessings to the Marseillais and visitors, whether they be fishermen, sailors, or others.

Living in Marseille allows you to enjoy an incredibly high quality of life on a daily basis. The city, the sea, and the nearby mountains are very popular playgrounds for families and thrill seekers, whether you're taking a romantic stroll by the sea or discovering the much talked about Calanques of Marseille. Get ready for a spectacle. We also suggest a gourmet break on the beaches of Prado after a jog on the Corniche.

For surfers, the spot-to-be is located at Pointe Rouge, essential for the young and not so young lovers of waves. All are invited to daydream in one of the most beautiful parks in the city (our opinion), the 26th Centenary Park. Marseille will keep you busy with its many cultural, sports, and artistic offerings. The city lives at the pace of its many events, you’ll hardly have time to take a nap.

Your future will be in Marseille, if...

  1. 1-2-3 sun is your favorite game
  2. You already mastered the Provençal: Aqui Sian Ben!
  3. For a bouillabaisse, you will go to the end of the world


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