BARNES Corsica

BARNES Corsica

A villa in Porto-Vecchio, an apartment in Ajaccio, a property facing the sea on the Île de Beauté … The best real estate in Corsica by the real estate agency, BARNES Corsica.

The agency of BARNES Corse likes to present Corsica to its international customers, who appreciate the exclusives on exceptional properties.

Corsica according to BARNES ...

Context of the real estate market in Corsica

The Île de Beauté is always enchanting lovers of exceptional environments. Attracted by prices that are significantly more attractive than other coastal regions of France, the buyers have returned to Corsica and the transactions resume.


Sale: Waterfront properties, which are becoming scarce and properties on the seaside make up most of the search, nevertheless the grounds are expanding and opening more possibilities.
Location: Requests are focused on 4-5 bedroom villas, primarily located near the shore, with a pool and ocean views.


The Extreme Sud Corsica and Porto-Vecchio are expanding. Bonifacio is one of the most sought-after holiday resorts, such as the Ajaccian Basin and the Balagne.


Smaller lots, quality properties, new or renovated properties with an ocean view.

Opportunities and prospects

A stable market, very secure and low prices, high availability, good seasonal and annual rental placement.

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