On the slopes of Chamonix

Helmet? On head. Mask? On helmet. Mittens? Threaded. Skis? On feet. Ticket? In pocket. Now you're ready for the slopes of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Great skiers from around the world meet to slide up and down these immaculate slopes guarded by the majestic Mont Blanc. Here are some of the resort's most beautiful descents for experienced skiers (beginners will still have to wait). Cham's reputation is between your skis.

La Piste Verte of the Houches - The Green Slope

In reality, this slope is green only in name, it is actually black--dark black if possible. And to tell you another truth, it hosts the Kandahar World Cup every year in January. We must also admit that it is often frozen, which is why the pretty green reflections are in harmony with the bordering forest of pines. Another dizzying descent plunging into the bottom of the valley. We almost should’ve taken a diving mask.

Les Pylônes & the Point of View

We understand, pylons are intimidating, but these 2 connecting black slopes offer a panorama so beautiful it’s worth the trip. At an altitude of 3,400 meters, the air is very pure as they say in the valley. The start is at the top of the Grands Montets; and if the weather is good, a little stop on the observation platform, where letting out a loud “Wow!” is standard. Because before your eyes, it is simply breathtaking: the Aiguille du Chardonnet, the Argentière glacier, the Aiguille Verte, the Aiguille du Midi, and the mythical Mont Blanc. Well, we didn't just come for one, we came for all.

The slopes of Cham are all yours if …

  1.  A view of the Mont-Blanc or nothing
  2. You have the perfect outfit for the descent
  3. Just 1 mountain is never enough

La Combe Lachenal - A little homage

At the casino, there is black and there is red. And well at La Combe Lachenal, we put everything on Red (well, it’s a change from all these black slopes). And as a player, we also bet on the sun option. Bingo, we win every time because the slope s facing south. It’s a moment of intense pleasure for the lovers of the glide under the sun of the Alps. As for the panorama, it’s the Jackpot with a breathtaking view of the whole valley of Cham and the Mont-Blanc, too, which welcomes while honoring Louis Lachenal, the great mountain-climber and skier, conquering, amongst others, the Annapurna.

Retour Station of Brévent - The final stretch

Just imagine the smile when you discover the "Retour Station" sign after an intense day on the slopes. A walk on the mountainside in the middle of the pines. Be careful, it’s too dark in the forest for small children, besides the slope is also black. For kilometers, it winds with the Mont-Blanc in sight. We never tire. And even if your legs are a bit heavy, it's beautiful to finish the day in style.

You will be the first on the slopes if …

  1. 152 km of slopes, no problem
  2. Black is back
  3. You are a conquer


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