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Once upon a time in a land far, far away ... the Romans planted the first vineyards that would become roots to a global dynasty of wine.

Now fusing Paris-city-chic with a unique countryside charm, and as a muse to Hausmann himself, Bordeaux is the setting of a classic fantasy.

Triangle d’Or - City Center

Lively and classic are the streets this port city-center. In the Golden Triangle district rest the famed and historic UNESCO approved monuments of Bordeaux, such as the Tour Pey Berland, a dazzling gothic architecture, and the Place de la Bourse, incredibly lit just east, bordering the Quai du Maréchal Lyautey of the Garonne River. In between these monuments, on Rue Gallien, are the tenures of Michelin star chefs and Haussman style apartments with their discreet courtyards. Also, a place to exercise your tongue at Alliance Francaise, one of the best language school for adults and children.

Around the corner, the Meriadec shopping center, a large supermarket with the tools to fulfill your all culinary dreams. And more, freshness at Place Saint Seurin, where an organic fresh market is held every Friday morning. Weekend meal prep?

Your cultural appetite is not forgotten, the Grand Theater of Bordeaux, a 17th-century masterpiece topped with detailed sculptures, offers a range of classical music to dance performance. After, the riverside quays and weekend markets are frequented by both locals and tourists.

Strike gold here if ...

  1. Clean eating and clean streets are requisites
  2. Multilingual aspirations? Of course
  3. You want Paris visuals without Paris vibes

Nansouty - St. Genes

Situated between the banks of the Garonne River and Boulevard George V, a unique vitality is concentrated, where the heart of a village beats in the heart of the city. Elegant facades shape this residential and dynamic area, where its young population, radiates character and charisma.

Lining the cobbled pavements, architecture transforms from classic Haussmann to semi-futuristic modern. Decorative sculptures add appeal to Rue Pauline Kergomard, where spacious townhouses and apartment buildings host families, students, young professionals and even retirees. This community will be well protected, as it is breeding grounds for the sharpest judges in all the land at Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature, and more, developing the young generation's finest at the Universite de Bordeaux, where the top students gather in cafes of Campus Victoire.

The (high) quality of life in Nansouty and Saint Genesis defined by access. Access to entertainment, education, bistros and even, as a prime central location, the TGV takes you to Paris in 3 hours, and also … parking is very accessible.

A one-stop shop, for you if ...

  1. Collecting cars is your guilty pleasure
  2. You don’t have a problem with the law
  3. You are not prejudiced against the young … or the old


A neighborhood of movement, innovation, and change - a contemporary village life. A new population keeps this area dynamic and fresh against the opulence of imposing 18th-century buildings sheltering spacious apartments.

From the calm docks of Rue Camille Godard to the bustle of Avenue Emile Counord, couples along the Quai des Chartrons, where cars, trams, and pedestrians bring life to the pavements, which are lined by charming cafes and superb restaurants. The trendiest boutiques are found on Rue Notre Dame, in addition to antique dealers and contemporary design, complemented by the CAPAC museum, exhibiting contemporary art.

Green to its core, the 11-hectare Jardin Public hides an ancient castle in its botanical gardens. The park on Rue Mandron, a modest 4 hectares, is a favorite of families whose weekend hobby of choice is exploring Bordeaux’s biodiversity.

Chartons, with its affluent residents, also caters to a very young population: a puppet theater and numerous playgrounds that entertain year-round. It doesn’t stop there either. With 3 high schools and 5 kindergartens, Chartrons offers the perfect childhood setting.

Find your own castle here if ...

  1. Green is your favorite color
  2. You’re dedicated to your child’s formative years
  3. Your children are dedicated to their formative years as well

Croix Blanche

Prestige and refinement of the highest degree is offered in these residential corners. Off the secluded paths of Rue de la Croix Blanche, find a mixture of intimate single story houses and townhomes sharing gardens with grand stone buildings with hidden wine cellars, independent houses, and studios, while ornamental details highlight the elegance of its typical Bordeaux architecture, supplemented by Art Deco and Renaissance frieze.

A temperance of sophistication, an elite residence, where its calmness is conducive to the abundance of families aiming to mold their children into more than merely wine experts. But where? Lycée Camille Jullian and the Bordeaux International School are excellent choices. And still, a proximity to downtown, where young parents can enjoy the company of their peers, and avoid all potty dramas.

Upgrade your life here if ...

  1. You have 1 to 5 children under 5
  2. You need a better hiding spot for your wine inventory
  3. Embellishment is key


A certain je ne sais quois captivates expats and families to the neighborhoods bordering Bordeaux’s periphery. The chic suburb of the south-western land offers intimacy, space, and an unmatched grandeur. Probably due to its variety of 17th-century castles plotted in the midst of matured vineyards, with miles and miles of green columns ready for Bichon to discover. Picturesque villas with stone walls and cone-like tops. An elegant fairy tale comes to life.

Golf and tennis clubs, as well as prestigious societies, are a requirement of its inhabitants, as leisure a key component to its “low-key” atmosphere. Despite its tranquillity, this area has vitality in its own right: great shopping, tasty dining options, cinemas, theatres and galleries. Even so, the energy of the city-center is never too far away (approximately 15 miles).

Kiss life back into the Sleeping Beauty of France if ...

  1. You’re in search for a fairy godmother (SoBarnes)
  2. Your favorite princess is a mix of Aurora and Belle
  3. Your happy ending awaits


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