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Just 40km from Geneva and 50 from Chambéry, people come from all over the world to admire the panorama of the Lake and snow-capped mountains surrounding it with watchful eyes.

It is true happiness to live in this idyllic setting, in Haute-Savoie, the old-timers understood -- bravo, the lucky ones! So, put on your skis or swimsuit, you’re ready to live in Annecy.

The City Center

Like the Old Town, the city center is ideally located on the edge of the lake. Under the watch of the castle’s fortresses, it’s the neighborhood where it is very pleasant to live if you prefer apartments. The buildings are splendid, of course, and especially stuffed with charm. Annecy, nicknamed "the pearl of the French Alps," is famous for its ravishing archways. And conveniently so, you’ll need some shelter from the snow and other unfavorable weather in the winter.

We love to discover the covered passages, which grant access to the stables and annexed guesthouses of majestic mansions. Today, some are transformed into workshops, small terraces or small stalls. The apartments offer an unbelievable sense of well-being and warmth, perhaps due to thick walls and large fireplaces. In any case, they preserve elegance and prestige from a time long ago.

The City Center will be at the center of your life if …

  1. The pearl of the Alps? No question, you’re there
  2. A chimney for roasting marshmallows is essential
  3. The best shortcut for the crossing of the lake is swimming (10km on the 14.6km), you win

The Old Town

Annecy, the city with many nicknames, is also known as the "Venice of the Alps," thanks to its canals that run deep through the old town. A small bridge here, a pedestrian alley there, for the joy of strollers, residents, and storekeepers. The old town is a treasure chest of history and legends. The animation on the streets is great, especially on market days (Tuesdays and Sundays, FYI). There are always a few things going on in the village. Don’t miss the Saint André Fair, the first Tuesday of December, where more than 1,000 traders come for a 5-hundred-year-old old tradition (but to buy an armor, you’ll have to go back in time). It’s love at first sight: strolling under the romantic arches of the rue Sainte Claire and living on the bank of Thiou.

Your secret hideaway is the Old Town if …

  1. You like cozy apartments
  2. You prefer to live like the knights of the12th-century
  3. Besides, you’ve found an excuse to organize period-costume parties every weekend

Between Annecy-le-Vieux, Veyrier du Lac, and Talloires

Cycling is encouraged, on one of the many beautiful trails (more than 40 km of protected bike paths) that offer you the opportunity to choose one of the incredible houses of the lake. For those on the edge, and there are few because they are that gigantic; not to mention their beautiful lawns descending on the water. The lake is the ideal playground for water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing and canoeing champions. But, fortunately, paradise is also found a little higher (typical for paradise), with the Savoyard houses with lovely roofs and slopes overlooking the lake, with a view of the Mount La Tournette whose summit is snowed until the month of June. Not bad, that point of view, right? Yes, our eyes are full, too.

All this will make you want to put the skis in the car and leave ASAP, to ride the slopes after lunch. Yes, you are only 30 km from La Clusaz, home to your second home of the year.

A house on the lake or nothing, if …

  1. You want to be at the first on the lodge for La Fête du Lac (the biggest firework show in Europe)
  2. You loved Peter and Jane Fonda in On Golden Pond
  3. You're tired of choosing between your ski or "frogman" suit

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