Green as far as the eye can see, 35 minutes from Paris

,Forget the rainbow; follow the emerald to the peridot to the chartreuse, these sparkling hues of green will lead you to this plot of gold: a gorgeous 430 m2 (4,090 sq. ft.) modern villa on 6.9 acres of land in Triel-sur -Seine (just 35 minutes away from Paris).

To further inspect the surrounding verdurous shades and variants, you will have to climb atop your spacious, elevated patio with your finest binoculars – there, you are eye to eye with the tree tops. Or for the utmost seclusion and refinement down below, while soaking in the indoor pool, the green shines just as bright from behind the glass. Still, have a closer look on the tennis court, where you will surely beat any competitor – the luck of the Irish is by (and on) your side.

There’s only one thing left to do: make it your home, and you’ll never have to worry about turning green with envy again.

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