A city center? There’s not really one, Neuilly is divided into centers ... "of life." Effervescent like Sablonville, aristocratic and rural like Bagatelle-Saint James, historical like Chésy-Sainte Foy or bucolic like the l’Ile de La Jatte. Follow us and visit here!


The beautiful Haussmann buildings are popular with families who have a special place in their hearts for this district of Neuilly. The well-known Sainte-Croix school isn’t there for nothing. It’s also the most commercial corner, so no need to go running to the other 4 corners of the city. Well, make a note of it.

Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, the market is held at Place des Sablons, renamed Place du Marché by the inhabitants for obvious reasons. We find ourselves with baskets overflowing with carrots; for a coffee or maybe brunch, we go to Durand Dupont, the meeting place of all generations and buddies. And if suddenly you feel a furious desire for raclette or fondue, head towards the "Chalet," true legend of Neuilly and even Paris.

Sablonville will be your golden triangle if ...

  1. No man's land is not for you
  2. Bordering Paris is the limit; any further, and it’s the end of the world
  3. Versaille is overrated

Bagatelle - Saint James

Nothing but the name imposes. This is the ultra residential neighborhood at the edge of the woods. Private rooms, houses with private gardens, Haussmann buildings or some more modern with magnificent terraces of the 30s and 70s design; this corner of Neuilly is synonymous with elegance and savoir vivre. A quiet and peaceful life away from the buzzing capital. On the border of the 16th arrondissement, we meet the numerous families with balloons and bicycles at the park of Bagatelle and the polo players who will play a large part in the Polo Club of Paris. Some retailers (however, very few) animate the streets of Longchamp or Ernest Deloison. For here, one seeks tranquility, simplicity, and good schools. For the little ones, the kindergarten Charcot and for the large(r) ones, Saint James high school, both very chic and prized.

Bet on Bagatelle-Saint James if …

  1. Your priority is the future of your bambinos
  2. You want to be one-on-one with the forest, unfortunately, the paparazzi will have to climb trees
  3. A walk, you prefer it in the morning and on horseback

Chésy-Sainte Foy

It’s the atmosphere of the village of Neuilly, just around its town hall ( a stronghold of one of our former presidents); it has a lovely church, Saint-Pierre, and broad, tree-lined avenues, as well as majestic buildings that hide bright, spacious apartments. The neighborhood’s atmosphere is lively and very convivial, the village cinema almost always sells out, and many excellent butchers (well, that is what they are) attract the ones from Neuilly on both sides. The level of education and the sheer beauty of the lycée Pasteur is also the pride of the district, not to mention the aquatic center, makes Parisian swimming pools green with jealousy.

Chésy - Saint Foy will fill your voices if ...

  1. Living surrounded by beautiful monuments is a priority
  2. Bichon loves greenery but is afraid of wood
  3. 2017,  you’re into training in the pool every morning, Camille Lacourt only has to keep up

L'île de la Jatte

A little more eclectic in Neuilly, in the direction of Levallois-Perret, this pretty island, only 2km, still houses the famous guinguettes portrayed in the Monet’s or Sisley’s famed impressionist paintings. It’s the trendiest neighborhood of Neuilly: large lofts (vestiges of the industrial years of the automobile and aeronautics), but also beautiful houses on the water with a special charm. This island has always been the place of choice for advertisers, journalists, and other members of media who like the delicious cooking of bistros, such as the Guinguette de Neuilly, the Petit Poucet or the Pieds dans l’Eau. We love it, too.

You will be the master of the island if …

  1. You dream of a waterfront loft
  2. You have a heart of Robinson
  3. You like Monday mornings to show off Sunday’s catch at the office

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