BARNES Around Paris

BARNES Around Paris

A house in Neuilly, a mansion in Versailles, a duplex in Boulogne … The best real estate around Paris by the real estate agency BARNES Around Paris.

Founded in 1994 by Heidi BARNES, the BARNES real estate agency quickly became a leader in the world of luxury real estate.

Its network of real estate agents will accompany you throughout your real estate transactions in France, especially around Paris. Whether you're interested in living near the capital, on a calm street in Neuilly, Versailles or BoulogneBARNES will make your real estate project a success!

Not living in Paris while still being nearby is the luxury of living in the surrounding areas of Paris. Neuilly, Hauts de Seine, Yvelines, Boulogne and Val-de-Marne are popular areas for families and young professionals who work in Pairs but prefer to live in a quiet, urban environment. The real estate agents at BARNES will help you find the property that best suits you around Paris.

Our agencies

barnes-yvelines-nord-saint-germain-real-estate-agency BARNES Yvelines Nord Saint-Germain - A house in the countryside just a few minutes from Paris, an apartment in the city center, remarkable residences in complete nature ... The best real estate in Yvelines Nord by the real estate agency, BARNES Yvelines Nord. Contact
BARNES Yvelines Sud Versailles - Buy a house in Versailles or an apartment in southern Yvelines ... The best real estate by BARNES Yvelines Sud Versailles. Contact
BARNES Neuilly - A luxury apartment in Neuilly, a distinct house near Paris, a penthouse near the Bois de Boulogne ... The best real estate in Neuilly by the real estate agency, BARNES Neuilly. Contact
BARNES Val-de-Marne - A distinct house in Vincennes, an apartment in the Val-de-Marne, a vacation home on the edge of Paris ... The best real estate in Val-de-Marne by real estate agency, BARNES Val-de-Marne. Contact
BARNES Hauts-de-Seine Ouest - A house in the suburbs of Paris, an apartment in Saint-Cloud, a rental in the Hauts-de-Seine ... The best real estate in the Hauts-de-Seine Ouest by the real estate agency BARNES Hauts-de-Seine Ouest. Contact
barnes-hauts-de-seine-nord-real-estate-agency BARNES Hauts-de-Seine Nord - Buy a house with a view of Paris, rent an apartment in the Hauts-de-Seine, invest in a holiday home near the French capital ... The best real estate in the Haut-de-Seine by the real estate agency BARNES Hauts-de-Seine Nord. Contact

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