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This land is your land, this land is my land. From the sparkling sands to diamond forests, grand estates from sea to shining sea. When the sun comes gleaming, fields waving, dust clouds rolling, a getaway or a home, for a family or alone ... Welcome to Westchester.

Westchester, the beautiful

The county of Westchester, ranging in the lands north of Manhattan in the Hudson Valley, offers its own unique sensibilities to a particular crowd. Consisting of 48 small towns, where everyone greets each other with smiles and sincerity, a community of could-be expats lives amongst America’s natural beauties, constructed and otherwise.
Even with close proximity, the two, the City and the Country share very few in common … aside from the most successful of the nation’s working demographic. And so, they head out to the forest, woody areas, stretching fields, even some coastal lands, to find serenity outside the hustle and bustle of the 40 … or 60-hour work-week.

A 30 to 50-minute commute on the Metro-North train to a place where the most precious luxury (to a city-goer, at least) is found: space … and also privacy. On average, outside of town centers, vintage mansions and townhouses, and individual houses of the 19th century (and older) are plotted on a minimum of 1 acre with a corresponding minimum of 1 million dollars. Of course, rates fluctuate between well-established properties to the home improvement projects, all worth a pretty penny for an even prettier return.

The All-Stars

Naive stars are known to live out (or burnout) their glory days in the excitement of Manhattan, its glamour and nightclubs, however, the highest stars of them all, the ones that achieve longevity find sanity in the properties of Westchester County. And as its inhabitants, the estates here are in a league of their own, some dating back to the economic boom following the Industrial Revolution. The owners, leaders of legacies, large and in charge, like you.

Live like a Rockefeller in a selection sumptuous estates, like in White Plains on top 260+ acres, which includes gardens and greenhouses, a private lake, barns, a tennis court, a cabana and much more. Now to the house … sorry, mansion, pure opulence: antique marble, limestone, mosaic tile, stained glass windows, sacred. More, always? Indoor private pool and life-sized chess board, an exercise of the body and mind. This compound for 75 million dollars, a solid investment for you, your children, your grandchildren, your great-grand and beyond. Like a Rockefeller.

For those who wish to carefully avoid the issues of Louis XVI and humbly enjoy their earnings, there are still premium properties. In Bedford Corners, a 1930s Georgian mansion with a sleek and modern spin on 25 acres for 36 million dollars or a French-inspired chateau with terraces, gardens, a poolside conservatory, contrasting with an indoor basketball court and fully equipped gym, courtesy of the former owner, NY Knick. Or share in a community of luxury in the Stone Manor at Twin Lakes or the Greystone-on-Hudson, where additional homes are being built by the millisecond, selling around 2 to 9 million dollars a pop, with amazing views of the Hudson, forever and always.


For complete discretion, and self-expression, some properties of Westchester are great long-term projects. Like the cleverly designed Briarcliff Manor, originally built the 1950s and bought for 1.9 million dollars, then renovated to camouflage into its woody landscape, with open layouts, glass walls, skylights, and wooden accents. A perfect hideout.

An opportunity to create your dream escape or family HQ, start now! For great prices between 700,000 and 2 million dollars, buy quaint and delicate homes, blazing with potential, like the Victorian or Tudor homes in town or on the outskirts, admits the streets of a rural suburb or out in the wilderness of the countryside.

Your American Dream awaits and SoBarnes, your Sandman.

Find here the ins and outs of the most exclusive towns of Westchester.

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