A happy déjà vu in New York

You grew up watching Friends. Back then, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross were your best friends. Later, you stumbled across the films of Woody Allen, the Godfather trilogy, West Side Story, Rear Window, and Taxi Driver, all which have one thing in common: an unconditional love for Manhattan. This classic loft of 2,056 sq ft, at the heart of SoHo, with exposed brick walls, a metal fire escape running past the window, a view of the buildings and a direct perspective of the streets below.... it all feels as if you’d seen it someplace before. As if you’d made your coffee in this very kitchen a hundred times before. As if you’d invited your friends for dinner in the dining room. A happy déjà vu, as if you’d lived there before... Could it be you were a New Yorker in past life?  Everything here calls to you; it’s nearly impossible to resist. Some people feel they were born in the wrong century. Perhaps you were born in the wrong city. Happily, that’s a mistake a move can easily fix.


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