Barking up the banyan tree

Normally, we wouldn’t bark - maybe, a gentle inquiry or a subtle exploration into the sun-drenched byroads of Miami.

But the Vista restaurant, located in a tranquil haven between the Buena Vista neighborhood and the Design District, gave us a view we just couldn’t resist.

To find it, you have to know exactly where to look. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right site.

The first of its kind, this little oasis is rooted in Upper Buena Vista, a shady dining and shopping complex hidden from tourists (don’t tell!), under a tropical umbrella of enchanting foliage sprouting from an ancient banyan tree steeped into the Earth’s core.

Nature lovers approve. The Vista restaurant compliments the environment's natural decor with a warm and cozy atmosphere. Guests are welcome to dine on 2 floors of industrial-modern design, high ceilings dangling bamboo cage-style chandeliers and potted plants, along with a breezy outdoor patio embellished in golden and light wooden tones.

Senses immediately drift a million miles away. A quick sniff leads an eye to the back of the restaurant, where an open kitchen is on display to the delight of eager tastebuds. The menu has no shortage of top-tier culinary influences and high-quality ingredients, from Latin America (when in Miami) to Europe. It was specially designed by Chilean Chef Guiliano Leverone, a pupil of the French master Jean-Georges Vongerichten, under the strict direction of restaurateur power-couple Roberto Bearzi, from Italy, and Fiorella Blanc, from Costa Rica, owners of the beloved Ristorante Fratelli Milano.

Covering land and sea, start your world tour with an Italian specialty, the carciofi baresi - a crisp artichoke tempura - or fried calamari if you’d like to try a classic perfected. Pasta is up next, perhaps to share, such as a plate of Maltagliati, prepared with slow-braised brisket, tomato sauce and, of course, parmigiano! Made for two, the local grilled snapper served with a side of plush coconut rice will simply make you fall in love. The cherry on top: mango cheesecake, rich and creamy in a buttery crust. And this is just a taste.

If you think you’ve finally found heaven on Earth, you’re not wrong! Visit Vista during the golden hour to enjoy an upbeat atmosphere on the rooftop terrace, an idyllic happy-hour setting where the cocktails taste as sweet as the beaming Florida sun feels.


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