Discover Wynwood, the art district of Miami

If you told us that the entire galaxy- yes, even Martians - is dreaming of Miami, its year-round idyllic climate, white sandy beaches and festive atmosphere, we'd believe you. But while vacationing there is good, living there is even better.

Miami is a city that keeps you on your toes. With new neighborhoods emerging at every other corner, the city has increased in value and even more in interest. So skip sunbathing on the beach for the umpteenth time and go for a stroll in Wynwood, Miami's Art District. There’s life, excitement, color, and many beautiful things to discover.

Wynwood, an explosion of colors

To make it a tad official, we will say that this ultra-trendy neighborhood is a sub-district of the downtown business district. But its story hasn’t always been so glamorous. Truth is, this area situated west of Biscayne Avenue was once abandoned. And as if by a magic (well, to be honest, it took a little longer), it has become a favorite neighborhood of contemporary artist. In 2009, 21 artists began to express themselves in colors on the walls of Wynwood, and then the buzz was born. The urban artwork of the Wynwood Walls is internationally known. And since, other achievements have been created on surrounding streets.

Major art galleries have also invested in the area. At the beginning of December, the international art world rendezvous for Art Basel, and gigantic tents are set up to host exhibitions. The city is invaded by the artistic and economic international elite. Miami lives in a perpetual state of animation, night and day. It's very fashionable to run from exposition to exposition - and in high-heels for some, we wonder how they do it - with VIP passes that are well worth the money. Some works reach monumental prices, we’re talking record-breaking.

At night, Miami embodies its reputation, as the most beautiful parties take place in the homes and trendy restaurants of Wynwood. The scene is breathtaking. But let’s not forget, this is a festival of art.

Wynwood will become your favorite neighborhood if …

  1. You like to be wowed
  2. You prefer gigantic works of art
  3. You love art, it is (or will be) tattooed on your skin

Art, but not just on the walls

We like going to Wynwood for walks, for the huge murals but also for its quirky shops and restaurants. Big or small, swanky or modest, with international chefs or just a team of talented locals, Wynwood offers a wide variety of restaurants to enjoy throughout the year, at any time of the day.

The atmosphere is trendy. The cuisine, like its art, is creative. The greatest chefs know that it’s the place to be, today and tomorrow. Restaurants are growing like mushrooms. The 3 letters on everyone’s lips are KYU, where patience is required, but getting to taste the dishes of the legendary chef Michael Lewis is definitely worth the wait.

If you like crowds and enjoy an exhilarating nightlife, then visiting Wynwood on the weekend, specifically on the second Saturday of every month, is a must. Galleries organize special vernissages, deco-design boutiques, music and aperitifs, that remain open much later than usual. Food trucks make an appearance on street corners - great for some on-the-go nibbles between all the art and culture.

For an American-style guinguette, you'll love the Wynwood Yard. A huge cozy bar is stationed at its center, as lights hang from the trees. There are wooden tables and food trucks (oh yes, it is outdoors) that offer vegan, organic, Mexican, Italian, and Floridian cuisine. The atmosphere is light and convivial, made even better on nights when the Yard is hosting live performances.

And if you're looking for a bit more sophistication at the Yard, you'll love the Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill. The decor: A shipping container with white tablecloths, candlesticks, and delicious cuisine with a French touch.

Wynwood will be your stomping grounds in Miami if …

  1. Avant-garde or nothing - anything before is already too late
  2. You believe that art should be an event
  3. Paint brushes and forks, they are both sources of inspiration

The epicenter of Miami is on the move

We're not just talking about walking. Incredibly luxurious buildings have broken ground, climbing toward the city's blue skies. The world's best architects do their best work for the potential homeowners of luxury apartments in Miami. New investors and native Miamians are becoming more and more eager to cross the bay and leave the "Beach" to the tourists. They are moving to Edgewater, a neighborhood with a chic and trendy atmosphere that's on the water and borders Wynwood. Apartments offer incredible and diverse points of view to happy buyers: the bay, the sea, the port of Miami, and a city on the rise, all just 10 minutes from the beach.

Wynwood is a lively neighborhood, situated at the epicenter between Downtown and Midtown. Families are paying close attention to this growing, modernizing and state-of-the-art neighborhood. Big schools like DASH - the famous Design and Architecture Senior High - and MAC, Miami Arts Charter School are in the area. The latter has built a gigantic building to accommodate the artists of tomorrow. Students, age 11 to 18, benefit from the best curriculum for graphic arts, dance, music, and photography while pursuing high-level academic studies.

Luxury brands have also sensed this movement, and have created their own district known as the Design District. A kingdom of beauty, the shops offer beautiful displays that would make the emblems of Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris blush. All the big names in fashion, interior design, and jewelry are all there. You're the only one missing!

Move to Wynwood and its surroundings if …

  1. For you, being trendy is not a trend at all, it’s a lifestyle
  2. Living in one of Miami's newest buildings is the only option
  3. "Fame" live, every day but at school, for your little prince or princess


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