BARNES United States

BARNES United States

A villa in Malibu, a brownstone in Brooklyn, a mansion in Miami Beach… The best real estate in the United States by BARNES United States.

Founded in 1994 by Heidi BARNES, the BARNES real estate agency quickly became a leader in the world of luxury real estate.

Established all over the world, the BARNES real estate agency is proud to present our clientele with exceptional real estate opportunities in the most prestigious cities in the United States. New York, Miami or Los Angeles, these dazzling destinations have real estate markets full of surprises. Buy, sell, lease, rent, let BARNES guide you through your real estate project in the United States.

Buy a villa in Miami, invest in an apartment in Manhattan, rent a house in Beverly Hills ... BARNES and its network of experts can help manage your real estate project in the United States. Buy, sell, rent or invest, BARNES real estate agents will accompany you throughout the entire transaction.

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BARNES New York - A penthouse in Manhattan, an apartment in Brooklyn, a townhouse in Williamsburg .. The best real estate in New York by real estate agency, BARNES New York. Contact
barnes-los-angeles-real-estate-agency BARNES Los Angeles - A house in Beverly Hills, a condo in Hollywood, a villa in Malibu ... The best real estate in Los Angeles by BARNES Los Angeles. Contact
BARNES Miami - A villa in Miami, an apartment Downtown, a house in Coral Gables ... The best real estate in Miami by the real estate agency BARNES Miami. Contact

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