Shoreditch, the most vibrant neighborhood in London

Before we were thrilled about Notting Hill, but now the hip neighborhood is Shoreditch, in the north-east of London, even if we know that originally it was a lair of "debauchery," where puritans meet in search of frivolity and artists like Shakespeare's troupe call home. In short, we love Shoreditch and here’s why.

A little look

In the early 1990s, Shoreditch's popularity spread like wildfire. Rents were low, spaces were gigantic. Today warehouses, lofts, and also craft stalls attract artists, designers, advertising agencies and start-ups.

The urban landscape, a little shabby, needed nothing but enthusiasm. A bargain for artists who gradually revamped the neighborhood of colorful frescoes. The Street Art of Shoreditch is an open-air museum, which makes us think of the Wynwood Miami (the sky just a little less blue). But don’t think these young artists are underground, the biggest ones also exhibit in the Shoreditch Galleries. At the White Cube, in Hoxton Square, one can admire the sculptures of Damien Hirst. The many galleries are worth a look.

We leave for Shoreditch if …

  1. You’re thinking of relocating your whole team just for the good vibes
  2. You have the eye to find the next Jeff Koons
  3. In all discretion (without telling your other half), you're thinking about tagging a wall in your house

I stroll, we stroll, you stroll

For the look, you have to be cool, bonnet on the head, small beard (not you ladies), and even a small tattoo to perfect the whole look. Okay, cool attitude, you're a champion, just feeling good in his sneakers, even in 3 piece suit. Then, en route to Columbia Road, and its many boutiques in different colors--burgundy, mauve, green, yellow and blue--for shopping, and you won’t be able to resist a small souvenir photo. It's so cute. Yes, we said shopping. The neighborhood is full of treasures, you can find everything: antiques, vintage clothing, thrift stores, huge vinyl stores, CDs, comics and musical instruments, but also well-known brands.

Not to mention this new concept of ephemeral shops on Bethnal Green Road, a pop-up mall in intermodal containers. It's awesome! All that's missing is the cargo ship at the Skull Pavilion.

We crack for Shoreditch if …

  1. Hipster rhymes with Shoreditch, London
  2. Coolness is installed in you, we know
  3. You like colors in shopping

Teatime, anyone?

Shoreditch is avant-garde and its architecture is eclectic. Welcome to the melting pot district, from Renaissance to modern, old brick buildings, large stained glass windows, refurbished factories, and warehouses. An overwhelming energy in the service of creativity. A real breeding ground for uber-stylish pubs and bars with the wildest designs, Hoxton Square is a must. Impossible to be jaded, there is always a new place to discover. The Hoxton Hotel, precisely, a trendy and minimalist but cozy hotel where the atmosphere changes according to the hour. The Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant, lounge, and club is set in a former Victorian warehouse. The Shoreditch House, meanwhile, is in a former meat warehouse transformed into a private club by the Soho Group. At night, the cafes turn into a concert hall where famous DJs and musicians come to perform. For London’s hippest, this is where it all happens…

Head to Shoreditch if …

  1. You like to draw inspiration for your decor from hotels, pubs, and shops
  2. Repainting your industrial loft in yellow canary seems like a great idea
  3. You’ll gladly trade your cup of tea for a pint of craft beer


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