Buy a house in Chelsea, rent an apartment in the heart of Soho, invest in property in Westminster … The best real estate in London by real estate agency, BARNES London.

BARNES London, located in the heart of the city, offers a wide range of services to guide you through your real estate project - whether it's to buy, sell or rent property.

Its multilingual team of professionals will accompany you during the entire process and share their own knowledge of expatriation in London. London has one of the most successful real estate markets in the world, attracting all types of international buyers. BARNES London encourages its clientele to take part in the city's growing dynamism.

The agency's team of experts is happy to assist your search for the perfect accommodations. After discussing your criteria by phone or an appointment in person, they'll conduct an extensive search of properties corresponding to your needs. The selection will be sent to you via e-mail, followed by a series of visits. The search will not end until your dream property is found.

London according to BARNES ...

Life in London

London for its diversity and its selection of varied and authentic neighborhoods.
London for its parks, its tree-lined streets, its homes equipped with gardens.
London for its dynamism and its willingness to try anything.
London for its culture, its art, its museums, its theater, and its bustling nightlife.

Our favorite neighborhoods in London

Kensington and Chelsea for its chic lifestyle. Soho for its nightlife. Mayfair for its classy restaurants. Westminster for its typical London architecture. Shoreditch for its avant-garde sensibilities.

Our favorite place in London

The charming Sloane Square in Chelsea.

London in a few words

Sky's the limit.

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