Real estate around Lake Geneva

As you know, the more exclusive you are, the brighter the limelight. And the real estate around Lake Geneva, a true niche on the Swiss or French coast, is no exception.

Mansions, villas with swimming pools, modern apartments, etc. All have the same view (of Lake Geneva) but none with the same charm ... Now, a quick tour.

On the coast of Lake Geneva

Why such a passion for Lac Léman (as the natives say it)? It’s not its name that imparts originality, because "leman" means "lake" in Celtic, so Lac Léman is nothing but a pleonasm ... But we knew better.

Nevertheless, this leman is the largest alpine lake in Central Europe, attracting attention from around the world with its impeccable banks - a favorite of tourists, yes, but especially of wise investors who know that any place near a body of water is a safe bet. Divided into 2, its northern coast is Swiss, while its southern is French. And deciding between the two is not as easy as you might think.

On the Swiss side: Geneva and Lausanne

At the southern tip of Lake Geneva, the city of Geneva is distinguished by its flourishing economy, its healthy living environment, and its cultural influence. As is well known, it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, as prices of properties on Lake Geneva's shores soar the highest: mansions or modern villas with about ten rooms and lake view are sold for about 7 to 15 million euros.

Nearby, charming towns such as Mies, Rolle or Morges, are proud of their picturesque architecture, their historical monuments, and their mansions, whose prices increase as they approach the famous shores. In Cologny, houses are sometimes on the heights and offer breathtaking views over Lake Geneva, for 10 to 15 million euros, and 10 to 12 rooms to develop as you please.

Lausanne, a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, holds superb apartments in town, as well as exceptional mansions overlooking Lake Geneva. Needless to say, this kind of property sells even more easily than a size 6 during the sales. Around Lausanne, towns as bucolic as Lutry, and its charming properties and modern villas, for 8 million euros or more, Vevey and the vineyards of Lavaux, or Grandvaux, with individual houses, or contemporary villas dominating the lake. Real estate in Switzerland is not yet finished surprising you …

On the French side: Evian, Thonon les Bains

A city renowned as a source of youth for your body, Evian enjoys a unique position on the lake shore and a setting of a flowery life (it’s particularly proud of its 35 hectares of public gardens). The city is appreciated as much in summer as winter, with proximity to both the lake and the mountains.

Dynamic and modern, the city is populated by imposing, private mansions with a history, especially those of generational families who have also enjoyed these views of the lake, access to the most modern marina, and luxurious hotels--such as the 5-star Hôtel Royal and its Evian Source Spa, where you can enjoy a few back rubs in 1,200 m2 of modernity.

Near Evian-les-Bains, one finds architectural villas in Sciez, apartments in Publier, which offer the joy to live by the water and the luxury to live in the countryside. An ideal combo in itself ...

Still can’t decide? Will it be France or Switzerland? BARNES Evian and BARNES Switzerland are there to help you weigh the pros and the pros.


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