Piaget – The Poetic Beauty of the Rose

Geneva - For almost 40 years, Piaget has been celebrating the rose bearing the brand’s name through an ever-changing collection of jewellery. Ever more precious, ever more refined, ever more #SoBARNES!

Since he was a child in La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland, Yves Piaget has made known his fascination for the flowers around him: ‘I remember those wild roses we’d affectionately call eglantines. They’d grow at an altitude of 1,000 metres’. His passion has always focused on a specific flower: the rose. As well as his work in the House, of which is now honorary Chairman, Yves Piaget has tirelessly promoted this one-of-a-kind flower. His passion has driven him throughout his career, and was recognised in 1982 when the rose of the Geneva International New Rose Competition – a marvel created by Meilland – was named after him. Its colour ranges from pale pink to bright fuchsia. The flower stands out for its 80 layers of petals and its fruity, spellbinding fragrance.

Since then, Yves Piaget has founded the Monaco International Rose Competition. This event’s annual award is a trophy Piaget created: a rose set with a diamond that can be worn like a piece of jewellery.

Marking thirty years of the Yves Piaget rose, the House launched the Piaget Rose collection in 2012. Gold or diamond bunches with subtle additions of diva pink tourmalines and sugared-almond pink opals. Over the years, the House has made many pieces of jewellery inspired by the Yves Piaget rose. Now, in 2020, this tradition has been given a new lease of life.


Choosing between Malherbe and Ronsard

Piaget has never stopped celebrating its passion for roses with this ever-changing collection that captures these exquisite flowers’ essence through precious metals, diamonds and colourful stones. The Piaget Rose collection is timeless, while an Yves Piaget rose lasts just days (‘A rose, she has lived as long as roses live,’ wrote French poet François de Malherbe in the 17th century, but that’s another story).

In 2020, the collection is offering a new interpretation, having redesigned its petals with a contemporary touch. It is made up of two sets (rose gold and white gold) that include rings set with diamonds, and earrings and necklaces in a new, more modern version of this highly delicate flower. The rose-gold set includes a ring with 26 brilliant-cut mounted diamonds, a necklace with 36 brilliant-cut mounted diamonds and earrings with 70 dazzling brilliant-cut diamonds. The ring and necklace are both centred on a chain holding a hanging diamond that swings like a morning dewdrop (‘My love, let us go and see the rose’, we read in the 15th-century verse by impish French poet Pierre de Ronsard). The white-gold set is lined with diamonds, with a ring fully set with 63 brilliant-cut diamonds, a necklace set with 94 brilliant-cut diamonds and earrings set with 180 brilliant-cut diamonds.

A 100% #SoBARNES collection, naturally.

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