Sotogrande, the beautiful colors of Andalusia

If you’re told: between sea and mountain, between Atlantic and Mediterranean, between Europe and Africa. Is it a bit vague? Well, you get a hint: it's a region that has been coveted by many civilizations since ancient times.

Bingo! It is Andalusia, at the southern tip of Spain, specifically the town of Sotogrande, our favorite, and we want to tell you why we love it so much.

A region to discover

Andalusia is rich in both geographical and cultural diversity. Dazzling landscapes, unreal colors, and Moorish and Mediterranean architecture have attracted connoisseurs in search of the most beautiful places from around the world.

And in the southern part of the south, in the municipality of San Roque, in the province of Cadiz, a small Sotogrande town was built in the 60s, to the delight of Spanish families and an ultra-chic international clientele. A perfect combination of charm, between history and modernity.
Moreover, on the subject of families, the most chic come together at La Reserva Club, this splendid residential complex that offers its privileged members exclusive access to a remarkable selection of activities, services and leisure in a sumptuous setting. Still skeptic (for now)? The Reserva Club invites you to discover this luxurious community with a private tour of the properties and facilities of the resort, and offers a dinner for two in its restaurant of authentic Andalusian cuisine, you just have to call them.

Sotogrande will be your chouchou if ...

  1. You’re passionate about the architecture of great residences
  2. You like to always be at the forefront
  3. Ferias, flamenco, and tapas are the perfect combination for a golden life


The Beverly Hills of the Mediterranean

Sotogrande is an oasis of politicians, jet-setters, and show-biz celebrities, but also personalities who like to savor the tranquility of beautiful things without being disturbed, especially in luxurious residential complexes such as La Reserva Club, which welcomes an upscale clientele and who likes peace and elegance.

The villas are breathtaking, worthy of Hollywood movies, the lawns are grand like American football fields, the "teak" of the pontoons shine under the sun for docking, the polo pitches grow like petanque grounds. The mountains welcome hiking just when you need to challenge. Life is sweet and fun in Sotogrande. We like to welcome ourselves house to house, around huge tables, to organize parties, to meet at the market on Sundays in the square for fruits and vegetables, and to taste a fish à la plancha in one of the fashionable restaurants on the marina.

This little Andalusian city will be your kingdom if …

  1. You have already chosen the blue of the cushions of your Riva Aquarama
  2. Tennis, golf, yoga, polo .. Treat yourself at La Reserva Club Sotogrande
  3. Flamenco or disco, it will be a big part of the night (one is in Spain, all the same)



Now, about the view …

In Sotogrande, the most delicate challenge is choosing where to lay one’s nest, on the coast with the view of Gibraltar and its famous strait or in the mountains or on the marina of Sotogrande. The luxurious palm-lined mansions have stunning views of the sea, and in great weather, you’ll have a clear sight of Africa. It is paradise for architects and landscapers who love the collaboration of Moorish and Spanish style, on the Costa del Sol. In the mountains, imposing houses are oftentimes more contemporary and modern and offer a magical view of the large blue and green golf courses. The Real Club de Sotogrande is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe, hosting world-famous competitions.

But it’s possible that the charm of the marina will make your eyes soft, a house or an apartment with your boat docked at the end of the lawn. No need to use your car, stroll through the bustling streets of Sotogrande, walk along the terraces of the cafes and savor tapas.

The choice is vast and for golf fans, paradise is found here in the fields of Almenara and Valgrande near the golf course of Valderrama.

Relaxing in Sotogrande is for you if …

  1. You like the sun, exclusively on the Costa del Sol
  2. Challenged to the Strait of Gibraltar, not even scared (from your deck)
  3. Between horseback riding, golf, regattas and soirees, you like to be overwhelmed


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