See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Let’s go to a place incognito. This escape is hidden, where discretion and luxury are precedent.  What happens here, stays here; and what you bring with you, may not leave with you …

The Organic Spa in Madrid specializes in keeping secrets … among other things. A spa that is known for purging all indiscretions (bodily and otherwise) in a luxurious judgement-free zone. Their philosophy and training comes from Thailand, their cosmetic and aromatherapy products are organic (obviously) and without fault, their services are credited as one of the best in the world (Conde Nast Gold Listed), and also SoBarnes approved.

No one will find out that you and lover ran off to surrender to a 120-minute massage of their signature relaxing-aromatherapy technique; or because you’re suffering an embarrassing break, you opted to splurge on an a deep cleansing facial and skin exfoliation with powerful botanical antioxidants; or even safely undergo anti-aging facial treatments without shame. We certainly won’t tell.

With exclusive and ancient techniques, inspired by Thai beauty rituals and executed by talented hands, we give them our trust. Their harmonious combinations of organic oils and natural extracts, scrubs and exfoliants, are unparalleled. For you, we recommend a stay in the anonymity of their luxury suites and to enjoy a purifying body and soul detox package, because it’s no secret that life gets tough. If your journey from foot ritual to a 30 minute bath soak, 30 minute shower scrub, 90 minute massage, followed a specially-concocted tea, does not vanquish your all worries, then nothing will.

It’s a matter of allowing yourself to be fulfilled and pampered by this world of secret and luxury, just let go … All who visit leave with a pure glow, from the inside out. And you’ll return, because life will always get tough … but each time, you’ll leave with a brighter glow than the time before.

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