Any excuse will do

Find one, an excuse and go. One thing's for sure, you won't be alone. Because Isolée (a certain Latin language for "isolated") is a very trendy place in Madrid, in the chic neighborhood of Salamanca, a 600-m2 concept store of nothing but fun! As for a good excuse, we'll help you:

Possible excuse #1: Looking for a gift. So stroll throughout the futuristically designed 3 floors and discover its corners of high-end fashion, decoration, and accessories, the cosmetic department at the forefront, culinary gadgets and cookbooks (or not), comics, and also to listen to the latest, most fashionable music and given into a little 3-step dance, so the atmosphere is light.

As light as the Bubble Lounge, the champagne bar (Moet & Chandon) that makes us sparkle or, for the wiser ones, the water bar (with or the without the bubbles) that come from all over the world. Testing our newfound expertise and riding this new wave with confidence gives us potential excuse #2: A lovely date between friends a toast of bubbly to end your day in Madrid seems perfect.

For excuse #3, blame it on time management, in a "fast-food" department to take-off in a space capsule. We love it, it's tasty and fast, ultra-fresh sushi, pasta du jour, a small bagel or a vitamin shot with a fruit cocktail before going on a shopping spree (finally, you can hardly wait any longer).

And excuse #4: Discover today the trends of tomorrow. We particularly like this one. Fashion is sublimated by an avant-garde selection (the centerpieces) of the most beautiful premium brands but also the most innovative ones, that will be unavoidable tomorrow. Bloggers already know, so they come here to find inspiration for the next subject to post on social media. Fragrances embellish the store and move discovery to discovery, and you can’t help but smile with certain creations like the "Juliette has a gun" and its floral conception "life is short, transform it into romance."

We found 4 excuses for you - we’ll stop here because closing time is soon - to rush to Isolée. But, when you’ve exhausted the ones we provided, remember that even a bad excuse is better than none.

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