Serial artists

After César and his renowned thumb sculptures, many artists are now trying their hands at creating series of works to reproduce their favourite pieces almost ad infinitum.

He are already familiar with Andy Warhol and his Sha-dows, Robert Indiana’s Love series, and César, who was able to emphasise the unique aspect of a sculpture with his fingerprint, while also creating countless re-productions of it. Many artists are now creating series of one of their leading pieces, in the style of a totem offering an emblematic representation of their work. After all, who is able to think of Jeff Koons without also thinking of his Balloon Dogs? The same goes for Richard Orlinski, whose Standing Wild Bear has now become the artist’s most iconic creation. With his bold, pop-culture figures available with different finishes, Orlinski is now one of the wor-ld’s best-selling French artists. Laurence Jenkell is another artist cham-pioning this trend with her famous plexiglass sweets – “serializing” an object while also showcasing the unique character of her pieces, with each one designed in a different shape. Perhaps series of artworks are set to become the new masterpieces of the pop-art world.



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