Born again from Russian waters

Ugh, Monday is tomorrow. It’s time to prep. Luckily, our Sunday ritual is much appreciated. It does require a bit of time travel … specifically to 19th-century Moscow, to the steamy, dreamy Sanduny Bath House, maintained in the spitting image of its first life.

This ritual is one of rebirth, a baptism of pure pleasure and luxury. It’s of traditional Russian pampering, a banya, built in 1808, that does not discriminate; with separate public departments for gentlemen and ladies, as well as unisex hothouses to be enjoyed in solitude or with company. Lounge in your choice of 8 unique private bath rooms with classic decor of the early Soviet era or the hot stones and bubbling hot tubs of the Sadko cabin of medieval Russia. But today, you’re bath was particularly stimulating, hot to cold, the steam rooms invigorating, the plush robes sensational, you become blissfully lost in time and space …

Out from the daze and into the utmost clarity, everything was as it should be, however, the ritual is not yet complete. At Sanduny Orient, health and beauty were restored and replenished. The insides become at peace, just as the outside, after indulging in a Velvet Antlers bath, where a total body rejuvenation takes place, specializing in the curative arts of internal organs. Mani, pedi? Done and done. Full body waxes and peels finally disposed of the stress and strains of the passing week. And more, an endless selection therapeutic treatments for your return to a more innocent state. In the end, your skin is as soft as a newborn’s bottom.

For the first meal anew, spoil your tongue with a dish of amber red caviar at the house restaurant, and for a treat, the Georgian cheese-pie is an absolute must for a good night's rest.

Appointments booked for all foreseeable Sundays? Of course.

Now, we’re ready to tackle the week.

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