We’ve seen the end, and it isn’t so bad

We were a little scared. When we got off the ferry that connects Cacilhas to Lisbon, we arrived on abandoned docks to a flimsy wall and clothes floating in the wind (the only clear sign of life). Far from the colorful streets of the Portuguese capital, Cacilhas surprised us.

Surprised by its calm, special atmosphere, but also surprised by its bar located at the end of the world, the Ponto Final. At the end of the great quay, there are about twenty tables covered with yellow oilcloths, facing the Tagus and embraced by the gentle sea breeze (well, it can get cold when the sun goes down, even after they give out blankets).

Ponto Final offers simple and local cuisine. Products of the sea take center-stage in the shark soup, in the rice served with seafood or grilled fish, but there's also many Portuguese specialties and roasted meats. Once seated at the table, you feel out of time; it's a place disconnected from all else, and the city of Lisbon is far, far away. The sun gradually descends, and pure magic takes over. The city lights begin to sparkle, Ponte 25 de Abril illuminates and shines over the waves. Ponto Final is located right in front of Lisbon, you can spot it from the Park of Nations, Belém, and the port of Lisbon. As the calm suddenly falls, you become face to face with the night and Lisbon.

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