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You hear: Organic, soil fertility, in season, out of season. You think: crops in the countryside or golden wheat or barley fields out in California. But this charming Portuguese restaurant specializing in "farm-to-table" cuisine is nowhere near, quote-unquote, cow country.

In fact, Prado is located on the other side of the world, in a former cannery (FYI: a factory where food was canned) on Travessa das Pedras Negras in Lisbon, just steps away from ancient Roman ruins and an extravagant Romanesque-Gothic church (simply known as “Lisbon’s cathedral”). Perhaps it’s the perfect setting to get back to the basics, to a time before the Information Age.

If you’re familiar with the Portuguese language, then you’ve already missed out on the big reveal. The word prado means meadows or plains, and therefore its rustic-chic decor comes naturally (no pun intended). The beautiful Portuguese countryside has been brought to the capital. The dining room’s atmosphere is R&R -a SoBarnes abbreviation for “relaxed yet refined.” In the same breath, the adorable wooden tables and chairs, surrounded by an abundance of green plants and lit by Edison bulbs dangling from the ceiling, invite you to R&R (in this case, Rest and Relax).

At Prado, the past is cherished, in the truest sense. The kitchen relies on humankind’s most primal techniques. The menu is not only inspired but driven by regional products, from land to sea, and local seasonal ingredients. It’s a return to simpler times, but put in the restaurant's own words: “Basically, if it’s not in season, it’s not on the table.” This is a concept we can get behind - if not for the sake of our health, then for the unparalleled satisfaction that fresh, homegrown cuisine affords.

Although the menu changes on a daily basis (sometimes more frequently), you can expect dishes of savory meats and fish straight off the grill - like Iberico pork loin and Barrosã ribeye, black scabbard fish and line caught squid - and organic vegetables straight from Mother Earth - hispi cabbage and black radish. Because we’ve taken you to a classy place, your meal should be accompanied by a glass of wine: organic, biodynamic, and au naturale.

Without a doubt, you’ll be hooked. It’s only human nature.

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