A day at the LX Factory

After the Tour de Bélem, head to the Alcãntara district for a guaranteed change of scenery and a day full of fun. With a similar vibe to San Francisco and Camden Market in London, here we are at LX Factory, the creative hotspot of Lisbon. So it's for us.

Cultural brackets don’t hurt, LX Factory is a former industrial zone redeveloped under the 25th of April Bridge, renamed as a result of the Carnation Revolution.

A book or a drink

We start with a latte at the Ler Devagar bookstore one of the 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world, according to the NY Times. Thousands of books, on several levels, align themselves in this gigantic antique printing machine, we love the atmosphere, as if we are suspended in time or in the air with its interlaced stairs ... and that woman who flies on a bicycle. A lightness that contrasts with enormous printing machines and ton-loads of books. Moreover, it is not only for reading, it is a place of life, with 2 very welcoming bars, a performance hall and exhibitions every week. Since Ler Devagar means to read "slowly"; likewise, we’ll take our time.

LX Factory will be your HQ if …

  1. Relocating your office to a super hip place sounds like a good idea
  2. You’re a bookworm, but nobody knows
  3. You’re looking for a literary excuse to drink with friends

Lunch at the hangar

Well, we're starting to get hungry. To stay in an original atmosphere, push the door of 1300 Taberna, and you will have your eyes full. The decor is well thought out, evident in every detail. A harmonious blend of factory decor, greenery, and sophistication. For that we say bravo. The olive trees grow under the glass roof, the aromatic plants are suspended next to the crystal chandeliers. The large wooden tables transform itself under the suspensions of the light ball design, of which concrete and glass are married. The open kitchen makes us green with jealousy, we want the same at home. Don’t forget to taste the Taberna cheesecake. You’ll give us your (good) feedback.

Let’s walk through the …

Perhaps a walk for digestion? The LX Factory is a melting pot of art, culture, music, fashion, and cuisine, where it is nice to take a stroll. Everyone respected the rules of the game: not to update the place too much and to keep the atmosphere of its trendy hangars. There are shops, pubs, media outlets, bars, and restaurants. There is a dynamic ambiance and palpable emulation. A co-working center has even opened its doors for startups. Street art is open to the public on all walls, bringing a touch of color to its industrial side. However, watch out for the big furry bee waiting for you at a corner - it’s a little frightening, but we survived.

On the shopping side, it’s the place for designers and stylists. We stroll in the middle of the children design furniture, we thrift throughout the flea markets and industrial furniture, we discover new stylists. Promenade shopping has become a culture of its own. Thank god for the head and legs, we spend almost without feeling guilty ... true happiness. Resisting gluttony is not allowed.

Then, a lunch break at Landeau Chocolate is mandatory. This renowned pastry chef offers only one creation: his chocolate fondant cake sprinkled with clouds of cocoa. Don’t hesitate take another whole cake to-go, otherwise you’ll be tempted to bite your fingers (and they are not chocolate).

Diner under the bridge

Sleeping under bridges, no question, but dinner under the Bridge 25th of April Bridge, YES, it is a very, very good idea. Set up on the terrace of "5 Oceanos" facing the boats, for the view it will be panoramic and of the Tagus and magnificent 2 km suspended bridge of more. It reminds you of the Golden Gate Bridge, that’s normal, it was built by the American Bridge. The house specialty is of the sea, a seafood platter or a whole fish presented to the table, you just have to choose the one that makes your eyes water (the fish).

After this long day at LX Factory, don’t even think of your bed, it’s time for a small concert. We have stamina at SoBarnes.

LX Factory will be your cantine if …

  1. You like to have trendy brunches in trendy restaurants
  2. A mini Pont 25 de Abril in your backyard wouldn't be so bad
  3. "Dance, dance, under the bridge ...", you return to the rhyme of your childhood


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