The most beautiful views of Lisbon

From the heights of Lisbon’s undulating terrains, on a rooftop or a hillside terrace, on elevated boardwalks or at the crest of its 7 hills, all to witness the city's beautiful melange of Easter pastels, rich baby-blues, caramel-colored rooftops, creamy white domes and dreamy castles. Here’s a sneak peek from its highest peaks.

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

Let’s start our tour in the center of Bairro Alto, the district criss-crossed with steep routes and colorful buildings, where the view from any point is beautified by the waters of the Rio Tajo (Tagus River), sparkling spectacularly under the sun.

The most incredible miradouro or viewpoint is found from the heights of São Pedro de Alcântara, accompanied with a double-tiered feature and a beautiful garden resting just below the terrace on the upper-tier. Artists are regulars; they like to paint its lovely landscapes. Tourists, too, don't hesitate to whip out their Nikons and Canons specializing in panoramas. It's nice to spend an  afternoon with friends here, for a picnic of charcuterie and red wine or to visit the bar on the upper-tier at sunset. You’ll notice across the way, atop the opposite hill, a fantastic fairy-tale castle.

You’ll love this miradouro if …

  1. You’re ready to scratch that artistic itch
  2. You like your drinks like you like your views: as clear as can be
  3. You plan to stay central

Miradouro das Portas do Sol

About a million years ago, this was the spot. The viewpoint from Portas do Sol in the charming neighborhood of Alfama is like a window into the past. Its neighborhood castle makes it an active archeological site, and the view takes our breath away. Beautiful, pale pastel buildings intermixed with white-washed landmarks like Museo Militar and São Vicente de Fora Church, which boasts 17th-century romanesque architecture, descending to the meeting point of the Alfama district and Tagus River.

One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Alfama offers a fascinating look into Medieval Lisbon. There are also pleasant restaurants and quaint bars on terraces. Despite being on the touristic side, well-respected photographers and Instagrammers still find the trip worthwhile.

You’re enjoying this blast from the past in Portas do So if …

  1. Your are a well-respected photographer or Instagrammer
  2. Beautiful churches are always a must-see, from any (and all) perspective
  3. You’re a Medieval junkie

Passeio das Tágides

Is there anything more refreshing than the sea breeze? Hardly. On the Passeio das Tágides, a 2.8-mile boardwalk on the northern coast of Lisbon, serenity exists in futuristic setting. It's not the usual kind of boardwalk (nothing on SoBarnes is), the waterfront pathway is raised 11 to 33 feet into the air, making this particular vantage point truly spectacular. Its proximity to the marina Oceanarium, the contemporary Vasco da Gama Tower, and the innovative Parque das Nações neighborhood only enhance its allure.

As for the view: Imagine blue, everywhere, accented by white vertical and horizontal poles that support the means other exploration - cable cars, ramps, and piers - into the deep blue. But if blue is not really your favorite color, the scene is backed by the beautiful green of the Jardim Garcia de Orta. Apt for activities, bikers, runners, and walkers dominate the area.

Passeio das Tágides, it’s yours if …

  1. You always travel with proper running shoes
  2. Water is necessary for a world-class view
  3. You like to stay updated with the cutting-edge

Arco da Rua Augusta

This miradouro is one of the most interesting, as well as one of the most monumental. A journey to the top of the triumphal arch of Arco da Rua Augusta, which hovers over Comércio Square, guarantees an unobstructed view of the city. From this expansive vantage point (and with the right eyewear) one can witness the dynamism of Lisbon’s downtown all the way to the Castle. Behind, facing south, is Tagus River and Terreiro do Paço Square.

Aside from the view, the site is a bustling tourist attraction, and for good reason. The arch itself is stunning: precious cut stone, imposing columns, and significant historical engravings and sculptures. Although only 100 feet high, its location one of the many hills of Lisbon give it a game-changing boost.

A trip to the Arco da Rua Augusta will delight if …

  1. Crowd pleasers are generally a good bet
  2. You were a spy in a past life
  3. You don’t go anywhere without your compact binoculars

Parque Eduardo VII

The stunning Parque Eduardo VII, a 26-hectare public park located on the incline of a long hill, accompanied by a vibrant hothouse (a fancy greenhouse with exotic plants) and a regular greenhouse, too. At the foot of the hill is the bustling Marquess of Pombal Square and the chic Avenida da Liberdade, where chic people live and chic people shop. For maximum results, be sure to visit on leg day and power up the tree-lined steps as the city unveils itself behind you.

A fantastic view, which is best admired at dawn or dusk, awaits you at the top: the hills rolling over Lisbon’s downtown area and into the waters of the southern bank. You may not have noticed but around you, the well-kept lawns and manicured short hedges configure into a captivating maze.

Park yourself at Parque Eduardo VII if …

  1. You’re looking to improve the shape of your behind
  2. You want to do this with your kids (and Bichon) in sight
  3. A spectacular view is the ideal reward


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