A Life in the Beautiful Quarters of Lisbon

A city forever on the horizon, where old touches new, creating a beautiful (pastel) mosaic of life lived and to be lived.

On the waterfront, sits one of the world’s oldest city, a capital of profound history and gothic charm, of culture and innovation, from mansions in the hill to apartments on lively streets, the quarters of Lisbon are to be lived with full force.


In the heart of the city, just minutes by foot to the riverfront, dotted with rusting statues and historical cafes that once hosted Portuguese intellectual movements, the sun still shines brightly on Chiado’s timeless elegance and embellished streets.

A typical downtown district, Chiado encourages liveliness and spontaneity among the refurbished 18th-century architecture that was restored after the 1755 earthquake … and then again after the 1988 fires. Despite the tragedies, the district remains famous for its tight grid of luxury shops, old-style bookstores, vintage cafes and theaters, where friends and lovers meet as part of their daily routine. However, at night, the neighborhood is emptied as everyone shifts to the west, pouring out into the streets of Barrio Alto, the center of Lisbon’s nightlife scene, to wine and dine, then dance the night away in the streets or at any one of its lively clubs.

The city center’s selection of beautiful neoclassical squares and classic theaters attracts a touristic crowd. Nevertheless, Chiado maintains the utmost sophistication and authenticity, even as foreign investor hunt to scope out their next big investment. And obviously, it’s here! As more and more money pours in, so do more and more upscale residents … right into the spacious and premium apartments held within the sacred pastel-colored buildings lining cobbled lanes, balconies accented with beautiful greenery and colorful flowers. Picture perfect.

With so much to offer, the answer is yes! If ...

  1. Your happiness does not depend on a car
  2. You strongly believe that daytime is for living and the nighttime is for sleeping
  3. You’ve always liked a good comeback story

Avenidas Novas & Alvalade

Away from the waterfront, alongside the broad avenues, Novas and Alvalade, is known for its pleasing aesthetic and structure. These “New Avenues” have developed into an astound residential and business district, infiltrated by the likes of upper-middle-class families and international companies, offer a selection of new upscale apartments and office space within its architectural prowess.

More than picturesque, with a quaint bustle during the lunch rush amongst the outdoor cafes, this neighborhood lives through its relaxed culture and grace. The avenues host remnants of palatial mansions, luxury hotels, restaurants, and popular shopping malls, like the impressive El Corte Ingles Department Store, sprinkled about its pathways. One cannot forget the unmissable Calouste Gulbenkian Museum that displays a collection of art and artifacts, spanning from the days of King Tut to more contemporary works.

If your taste in art is anything like your taste in fashion and food (superb and of the highest quality), then shopping on Portugal’s most expensive avenue, Avenida da Liberdade, is followed by dinner at the Michelin starred restaurant Eleven, found just atop the beautiful green lawns of Edward VII Park, offering a panoramic view of the city … and your new home in the colorful apartments of the new and improved Bairro Azul building.

And, of course, you move because ...

  1. You like your work days followed by (lots of) leisure
  2. You don’t mind being more than 20 minutes from the water
  3. You have fine taste … in everything


Nestled in the hills before the riverfront, lies a quiet nest where the affluent find privacy to raise families, all with close proximity to some of the city’s best cultural offerings. In Restelo, a largely residential area, characterized by its tranquility and security; and just minutes away, in Belem, the past comes back to life.

Although away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, boredom is never an option. A short stroll down the Avenida de Torre de Belem, reigns the historic and museum district of Belem and Ajuda, watched over by the landmark Tower of Belem and the royal palace, with its lush botanical garden, and the iconic contemporary MAAT, the world-class modern collections at the Berardo Museum, and the unique Coaches Museum, a tribute to its royal history - enough weekend activities for a year, or two.

However, the most tempting attraction is catered to your sweet tooth. Lisbon’s famed custard tarts, known simply as Belem pastries of Antiga Confeitaria de Belém, as well as the city’s best-kept secret: Cafe Careca, said to have the best croissants in town. These sweets are best enjoyed in the many small green parks or at home, in the mansions of the hillside with views of the old-world.

Find delight here if ...

  1. World Heritage sites in sight are a must
  2. You demand that your children be well versed in history as well as the arts
  3. Your sugar cravings are of high priority

Parque das Nações

In the coastal parish of Parque das Nacoes, new is the new norm. After a tremendous period of renovations for the 1998 World Fair, it has continued to transform, once an unattractive industrial zone, now a buzzing district, representing everything new while honoring everything old. And as such, it is the city’s keystone for total innovation.

Along the coast, the evidence is in the architecture. A landscape of the future develops on the waterfront, erected in glass and steel, like the Vasco da Gama shopping mall, International Fair complex, and gravity-bending buildings holding offices and large loft apartments, and large modern-style homes with abundant space fill the coast. The sleek Oriente Station is a special wonder, and the must-see brilliance of Pavilhao de Portugal, renowned for its undulating roof.

Despite the new, water still rules the area, host to one of the world’s biggest aquariums, Oceanarium and a Marina, the water themed twin towers of Sao Gabriel and Sao Rafael, resembling the pivotal ships of Vasco da Gama. The background (of everything) is crystal blue, with sandy beaches, exotic greenery, and sculpture gardens, with street art adding character to the quiet boardwalks; where, when on a stroll, the view of Europe’s longest bridge ... Vasco da Gama Bridge, stretches over 10.5 miles across the Tagus River, is unprecedented. All praise to da Gama for the inspiration.

This futuristic beach town is for you if ...

  1. Water, steel, and glass are also a part of your DNA
  2. You’ve always wanted to be a part of a before and after segment
  3. Da Gama is your idol

Santos - Lapa

Another waterside district, however more central, exists in proximity to of old money and new, making these areas the chic-est and most diverse in all of Lisbon. In Santos and Lapa, the creative types - artists, designers, architects, etc - live harmoniously with important diplomats and associates of the posh embassy quarters, constructing a very cosmopolitan environment.

The 19th-century warehouses of Santos, now workshops and showrooms, keep the city grounded, as new conversions develop - polished shops and trendy cafes - along with its clean streets,  attracting designers to set up shop and mold new modern living spaces. Slightly inland, Lapa brushes Santos shoulders, with its large mansions and top of the line condominium selection, from which the view is sublime: the blue river beautifully conspires with the natural green verdure, and a glimpse of protruding vintage buildings is quite a sight.

Everyone meets to welcome the night at Le Chat for specialty cocktails and dishes, serenely lit and overlooking Tagus bay; and when the moon reaches its peak, everyone empties out into the party streets of Bairro Alto with the rest of Lisbon.

It’s here, it’s now if ...

  1. You have a well-prepped budget of 6 to 7 figures
  2. You like to mingle with the artists
  3. You like to mingle with the elite


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