Portuguese sweetheart: 3 or 4 bedrooms with stunning views

Between 1,2 and 1,5 million euros
It’s very simple, to ensure a bullseye, it’s necessary to take Lisbon's center stage. This is where everything happens, and it is well-known.

Nice height under the ceiling, parquet floors of exotic wood, and, by the way, some 3 or 4 rooms; this would be perfect for your residence with a clear view in Portugal.

And for a spot-on aim, one chooses out of the Top Five districts: Chiado, Estrela, and Prince Real. The center and the circle around the center. We find ourselves in the heart of the historic district just a few minutes from the seaside. It’s in this magnificent part of Lisbon that the apartments are the most sought-after. Admiring the beauty of the monuments and museums outside your window or below your balcony is a quest admirably handled by our BARNES scavengers. The people of Lisbon like to stroll in the parks with century-old trees or to simply have a coffee in the shade of a kiosk.

The neighborhood life, just as you like it, is in the center; the shops and restaurants are lively, the center is very well connected by public transport, and schools are either in the heart of this district or just 10 minutes away. It is the leading residential district, composed of elegant buildings that often offer luxurious services. The expression so often heard in Portugal, "com licença," translated to "with your permission” illustrates the sweetness of life, the politeness and the respect of the neighborhood's inhabitants.

To fully enjoy this charming atmosphere, your heart will jump for an apartment bathed in light, with a volume perfect for your family, 3 rooms minimum, in one of the lovely alleys of Lisbon.

For this small haven of peace, have a budget of about 1.3 million euros. But just as in archery, you can widen the target and find a Portuguese sweetheart between 350,000 and 4.5 million euros in other neighboring districts. So quickly contact the adventurers at BARNES Portugal to aim and shoot--every time, it'll be a guaranteed bullseye.

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