In desperate search of discretion

An apartment? A luxurious suite? A spacious villa? No, even more extraordinary, an exceptional Riad in the heart of Marrakech just for you and the people you love.

You will be charmed by the philosophy of the Royal Mansour; its doors carved from cedar wood, chiseled from bronze promise "happiness, wealth, and prosperity." We cannot ask for anything more.

Refinement is pushed to the extreme, 53 riads with Arab-Andalusian architecture, hidden in the Medina and its flamboyant gardens. A unique concept, your private residence (with 1 to 4 bedrooms) with garden level, reception rooms decorated in silks and brocades - living room, dining room, and bar - that opens onto a patio with an adjustable roof according to your desires; besides, it’s you who decide everything, thanks to tactile commands: more or less sun, a little more fresh air, light intensity, and temperature. And if you don’t want to tap on the digital screen yourself, your personal butler will be delighted to do it for you (it’s his favorite gadget). Upstairs, bedrooms and bathrooms, a subtle play of zelliges, enameled clay tiles, and the smooth and shiny tadelakt. A little secret? The soundproofing is incredible, for a restful nap or a rehearsal of a Britney Spears choreography.

And a little higher up, your relaxation area: a coveted oasis, a tented lounge with a fireplace on your roof terrace with a private pool, hammam, and breathtaking view of the Red City.

Sit back, relax, stretch out out in the shade, listen to the birds singing a serenade (it’s not exactly intended for you, but it’s still nice to hear), think about the wonderful home care that you will offer yourself or dinner that will be served to you at sunset on the rooftop of your riad, as if by magic. Because when it comes to discretion, you cannot imagine anything better. Impossible to see or hear the important brigade of the Royal Mansour, which plies the underground tunnels to satisfy your every desire.

And if you get curious, and want to discover the identity of the (other) guests of this palace of the 1001 nights, put on your evening gown, cross the gardens illuminated by the sweetness of the Moroccan lanterns, and take a seat at one of the best tables of the gastronomy in the country.

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