Invest in paradise: Luxury real estate in Mauritius

In 2019, the Mauritius real estate market is as dynamic as ever. This idyllic getaway destination popular among Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI and HNWI) has become one of the top relocation destinations on the planet and a prime investment opportunity.

Why invest in Mauritius?

Investing in Mauritius has never been more attractive. The island nation is renowned around the world for its lush environment, calm yet animated with authentic nature and culture as much as its high-end facilities, high quality of life, beautiful properties and new developments.

Its security and stability, acclaimed for its economic, political, and social developments, as the best country to do business in Africa, has forced investors and buyers to take notice of the island’s diverse property portfolio: apartments with views above the treetops, modern villas with swimming pools and beautiful outdoor spaces, as well as plots of building land.

These investors - mostly French and South African, but also from the UK, UAB, Switzerland, and Russia - are also drawn to the number of fiscal advantages with the absence of wealth, capital gains, and inheritance taxes. Additionally, there is only a 15% cap on income tax, for individuals and businesses.

What’s new in the Mauritius real estate market?

Luxury in the tropics has always been sought out by a privileged demographic, but a recent surge of luxury real estate developments around the island is attracting renewed interest in Mauritius as more than a tourist destination. The brilliant new development of Pointe d’Esny Le Village has gone above and beyond to provide buyers with a truly unique island living experience.

This residential complex was launched by distinguished property developer La Compagnie de Beau Vallon Ltée. It covers 168 acres of the island’s southeastern coast and is comprised of luxury villas, high-end apartments, duplexes with private swimming pools, restaurants, markets, shops, a kindergarten and primary school. All of this is surrounded by among sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, and an abundance of greenery and green spaces (30 acres!), natural ponds, and the comfort of a beach club and boatyard.

What makes Pointe d’Esny Le Village so original is the rich natural environment around the ponds, an area abstained from construction. A result of this extensive ecological restoration, the region’s flora and fauna will reflourish to their original state. Even more, in order to be completely integrated with its exceptional natural habitat, the new real estate development will only occupy 15% of the project’s total land area.


How to acquire property in Mauritius

Whether to use as a rental investment, vacation home, or for retirement, those in search of a beautiful island residence need to understand how the market works, especially as a foreigner, because real estate investments in Mauritius can take on a number of forms.

As of 2015, the Property Development Scheme or PDS allows non-citizens to buy PDS free-hold residences with the permission to rent. In addition to owning a beautiful property in a tropical paradise, buyers can also benefit from optimal rental income. It also grants non-citizens eligibility for a residence permit when they buy PDS property for more than $500,000 (USD) or its equivalent; not to mention numerous tax advantages.

PDS projects offer high-quality public, leisure, and commercial spaces, as well as essential services such as security, maintenance, wastewater treatment, and waste collection.

Any questions? We’re here to answer all your questions while offering the best solution. BARNES Mauritius guides its privileged international clientele through the rich terrain of luxury real estate market in Mauritius. Our experts accompany clients during each step in order to optimize your real estate investment and live blissfully under the Mauritian sun.

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