A(+) for an apartment in Athens

Between 400,000 and 1,000,000 euros
The grade is irrefutable. Although much has changed in the last few thousand years, give or take, the curriculum to achieve a happy, fulfilling life has largely remained the same.

The capital of ancient Greece and one of Western civilization’s oldest cities, Athens has set precedence for a high quality of life and continues to innovate, modernize and thrill those who choose to live there.

At its core, Athens is an exciting, dynamic city and, no matter how old (but, for the sake of precision, it’s over 3,400-years-old), it’s still on the move. To the pleasure of lifelong urbanites who cannot live without the pulse of the city and history buffs who want to live in the then and now at the time, the city center offers a selection of high-end residential properties.

It happens that Greece’s best selling property is an apartment in the central Athens. To be more specific (precision and accuracy are key when it comes to scoring), the most in-demand type of real estate is a 2-to-3-bedroom penthouse with a view of the majestic Mount Lycabettus or mythical Acropolis. Either way, both were anointed by the goddess Athena, so protection is assured.

Among the most highly sought-after residential neighborhoods, Kolonaki is undeniably the chicest. Emblazoned with neoclassical architecture, luxury shops, the finest jewelers, international embassies, and high-end restaurants, the atmosphere is every bit as regal as the Greek gods themselves. The neighborhood’s privileged and elegant residents (soon to be you?) live comfortably in apartments of modern or traditional design.

Now let’s tally up the score: To live part-time or full-time in an exceptional penthouse in Kolonaki, in a top-scoring city, it will cost approximately 4,000 to 5,500 euros per square meter. To broaden your scope of interest (think the Cyclades), the country-wide sales price averages around ½ to 1 million euros. In the end, the total is nothing short of an exceptional life in the top percentile.

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