Sparkling soirées in Paris

Your friends good-naturedly tease you about your infatuation, perhaps even love affair, with France’s ‘Iron Lady’. You know all about its history, of course. And the technical details:  324m (1,063 ft) high, 1,665 steps from the esplanade up to the top, 7,300 tonnes. There’s no doubt about it, this 1,400 sq ft apartment is made for you. Quite simply because each of the windows looks onto the wrought-iron lattice tower. It’s almost as if, in true mastermind style, you had stolen Paris’ most famous monument and planted it in your back garden as your very own work of art. One thing’s sure, your friends will find less to joke about and more reasons to invite themselves over.

Prix : 3 950 000€


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BARNES Champ-de-Mars
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