Discover Paris and its 16th (arrondissement)

Chic and quiet, bourgeois and pleasant. We’re talking about the 16th arrondissement, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Paris. The one where absolute tranquility reigns (it does some good), a privileged neighborhood for privileged inhabitants, who like a certain sweetness of courtly life (this does a lot of good). But don’t get us wrong, we're never bored here. Follow us, you'll see ...

A multi-faceted arrondissement

First a bit of math, division to be precise. Because the 16th is a mini-Paris all by itself and because it is so big (about 8 km2), it’s divided into 2, the south and the north, each having their own postal code. And then, it’s still cut into sub-neighborhoods: Etoile-Trocadero, Passy, Auteuil, and Dauphine.

We said that you could not get bored in this neighborhood (quiet, not weak), between museums (more than 20 in the entire arrondissement), restaurants, shopping, terrace cafes, parks, and gardens. Hold your head up high as you pass the luxurious architecture of the Haussmann buildings, it is truly a monument of beauty. Walk through the wide avenues traversed with tree-lined alleys or in the narrow streets that hide private mansions and their secret gardens. A small tour of the Palais de Tokyo, the Marine Museum (a must for both little and big sailors), and we finish (or better, you finish, because we already know it) with a romantic dinner at Café de L’homme, with its panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower. Here is a very small insight into the cultural life in these parts.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, go to Avenue du Président Wilson, shop in its market, where the median turns into colorful stalls, and there are also tourists who capture the fruit and vegetable vendors with their cameras. Like many, they imagine themselves living in one of these sublime apartments overlooking the banks of the Seine and the "Iron Lady."

Troca is young, rollers and skaters from 7 to 77 years old enjoy themselves on the esplanade, and the terrace cafés are abounded with students, Parisians, and tourists. There has been a queue for macaroons at Carette since 1927, as Jean and Madeleine Carette were the precursors of this gourmet delicacy, and the best sold today in the world.

Young people like to meet around Rue de Passy, to indulge in a shopping spree, where all the major brands line the streets. Your wallet will be tempted. It must be said that the 16th is full of premier schools like Janson-de-Sailly, Franklin (its chic name is Saint-Louis de Gonzague) and Institut de Latour, to name a few. Parents are reassured, the environment is calm, inhabitants are elegant, and the sweetness of life is the multi-generational common thread. And in the 16th, we are proud of family lunches.

Living around Troca is the obvious choice if …

  1. You are a fervent defender of the Human Rights and the beauty of its Parvis
  2. The Eiffel Tower for a neighbor is chic, just like you like
  3. It will be awhile before you put your skateboard to rest

Green, and still more green

If New York has its Central Park, Paris  (more specifically the 16th) has its Bois de Boulogne, and as if the 846 hectares of woods were not enough, the gardeners of Paris have planted trees on all the great avenues, and designed many parks and gardens. Avenue Henri Martin, Avenue George Mandel, Avenue Foch (the widest in the capital), boulevard Flandrin, Boulevard Suchet ... Unique and very beautiful places where the apartments are spacious, obviously exceptional, and full charm.

There is never enough oxygen in a big city, so we say thank you for the Square Lamartine, with its famous fountain (for drinking water), the Bagatelle park and its flowers, the Ranelagh garden, a privileged place for families, with the very prestigious Guignol Theater and its ancient swings, the greenhouses of Auteuil and its botanical garden and the unavoidable Jardin d'Acclimatation for the great happiness of the young generation of Parisians to have a sail on the Enchanted River - and the big ones at The Louis Vuitton Foundation. The 16th is where city and nature live in perfect harmony.

For sports enthusiasts, there is no excuse on Sunday morning, shoelaces tied, and it’s left for a jog around the lake of Bois. Well, you are allowed some fresh water at the Chalet des Iles (accessible by boat or barge). If you prefer to backstroke, Parisians have finally come into some luck, after decades of waiting, because the avant-garde pool Molitor, has reopened its doors. For the lovers of that small yellow ball, the clay of Roland Garros has just been refreshed, unless you prefer to train at the Stade Jean Bouin. Ah, we almost forgot, don’t think for a second that you will be glued to the couch to watch a soccer match when you can enjoy the fresh air of the Parc des Princes. Sporty in the soul, or not.

And get even closer to nature, this Parisian neighborhood houses private lanes and supervised estates where delightful villas hide private gardens that turn the jealous pale. The houses of Villa Montmorency, Villa Saïd or Villa Dupont make the dreams of future Parisian buyers come true, with a generous budget of course. Lost in the countryside? Not at all, streets are lined with extraordinary shopkeepers who enliven the neighborhood’s tranquility, especially towards Rue d'Auteuil, Rue de la Pompe, and Rue de l'Annonciation.

You’re sold, we knew it.

The green 16th will be your playground if …

  1. You are part of the Stroller Gang of the 16th
  2. The choice could only be between the South (75016) and the North (75116) of the 16th
  3. Luckily on Mondays, you have the office to relax from the weekend

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