The most beautiful avenues in Paris

We’re always happy to receive an address on a Parisian avenue. It has something to do with their beauty and prestige, wide and luminous,  lined with splendid 100(s)-year-old chestnut trees.

A little oxygen in the city never hurt anyone. Let's discover some of the most beautiful avenues among the capital's 3,619 streets.


The basis, the leading reference ... as Joe Dassin put it so well: "In the sun, in the rain, at noon or midnight. There's everything you want on the Champs-Elysees. " The legendary avenue brings together two of the most amazing monuments of the capital, the Arc de Triomphe that sits on the Place de l'Etoile - Charles de Gaulle (Parisians prefer to say Etoile) and the Luxor Obelisk at the Place de la Concorde. Thank you for not even mentioning that big wheel ... Here, there is a concentration of luxury shops: Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Guerlain, in performance venues such as the Lido, movie theaters, and great restaurants and famous cafés such Fouquet's, or Ladurée, Laurent ...

The Haussmann-style buildings are magnificent, and home to large companies; but still, some Parisian (native or not) still live there. If you are a morning person or even a night owl, take a stroll alone on this beloved Parisian avenue, you will feel like the master of the world ..

The Champs Elysees is waiting for you if ...

  1. You like being in the heart of the action
  2. Living on the most beautiful avenue in the world is your dream
  3. Like a bee, you like to buzz from shop to shop, even on Sundays

L’avenue Montaigne

If Fashion, with a capital F, was an avenue, it would be Avenue Montaigne. Christian Dior has brought about all the most beautiful signs of luxury. And so, it has become one of the most elegant avenues of Paris.

We do not walk on the Avenue Montaigne, we strut. The residents of the neighborhood are ultra-chic, as if to honor the magnificent buildings that surround them. The price per m2 can reach some heights: 233,000 euros for the Chanel Boutique. For a house, divide by 10, which is still a pretty penny. Day or night, there is always something happening: one finds him or herself at a theater of Champs Elysées, or for a trendy lunch at l’Avenue, on the terrace for the best spot. But what we love to do while on the Avenue Montaigne is visit the Bar du Plaza Athénée and order the cocktail Spark Havana (champagne-white rum-fresh mint-brown sugar-yuzu-lime- bitter bois bandé), controlled via flash code on our smartphone.

The Avenue Montaigne, all or nothing if ...

  1. You are frequently invited to important vernisages
  2. Like Montaigne, you are a philosopher and lover of the beautiful things
  3. Bichon prefers the pavements of Avenue Montaigne

L'avenue de l’Opera

It's the one and only, the avenue that has no trees -- you know why? To ensure the most beautiful view of the Opera Garnier. Amazing. The Haussmann buildings beautifully frame the uninterrupted light on the avenue ... Bravo Eugene, and his obsession with straight lines. This magnificent avenue is always full of tourists and Parisians. Opera is the theater-district; and if we had to choose one, it would be the majestic Comédie Française. We can only applaud.

The avenue is joyous. There are the best Japanese restaurants one block away in the small St. Anne neighborhood. At place 39, one cracks and indulges on a Macaron Ispahan, parfum rose-litchi et framboise, of the famous Pierre Hermé. And in the evening, it's Harry's New York bar where you get to drink "Harry's pick me up" and listen to the best musicians.

The Avenue de l'Opéra will be your go-to Parisian address if ...

  1. A life surrounded by historical monuments sounds like a fantasy
  2. On the other hand, your chihuahua prefers long walks to the Jardin Tuileries
  3. You have theatrical tendencies

L’ avenue Charles Floquet

She is not known as her sisters, we can even say that she is hidden and secret, and we agree that she must remain so. It lies on the left bank, bordering the gardens of the Champs de Mars. His name? Avenue George Floquet. And strangely, nothing happens there, no street vendors, no restaurants, nothing to be said. But on this small avenue, behind the massive porches of the buildings are sublime apartments with an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower.

"Day and night, when it sparkles with a thousand lights, it is still as majestic and it gives happiness of the residents of these places."  A little rhyme of Floquet, this politician who tried his hand at poetry.

And then, having one of the biggest green spaces in Paris in front of its windows, what else?

The Avenue Charles Floquet will be your nest if …

  1. Your motto is "Live hidden, live happy"
  2. During Christmas time, there's no need for tree; the Eiffel Tower will suffice
  3. You have landed on Mars instead of the Moon

L’avenue Foch

It’s the widest avenue in Paris (120 meters) with on each side its gardens, its counter-alleys and its cavalier alleys. Fantastic, you don’t have to wait for the parade on July 14th to go up the avenue from Place Dauphine to Place de l'Etoile on horseback. For the history, since we talk about horses, most of the stables have been transformed into apartments of prestige and charm. Avenue Foch is famous for its very large buildings with luxurious and gigantic apartments. A view? No worries, you’ll not be disturbed by a vis-à-vis. Many celebrities: Callas, Pascal Obispo, Jacques Dutronc, Prince, Baron Empain, Grace of Monaco, have fallen under the spell of this avenue which mixes city, countryside, and forest (Bois de Boulogne is just one of its ends). And when "it’s 5 o'clock, Paris awakens," it’s magic.

The avenue Foch will be your pied-à-terre ...

  1. You think to buy a pied-à-terre of 150 m2 minimum, with moldings, chimneys, and high ceilings
  2. You'd like to do your vocal exercises without disturbing neighbors
  3. You are considering buying a pony for your daughter

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