Sartre was (perhaps) right

You’ve been looking for an apartment with a terrace in Boulogne-Billancourt for months. You know, you're picky and not willing to make any compromises for the apartment of your dreams. What’s more, you were close to giving up.  Then your eyes fell upon this pearl. The Holy Grail. The perfect apartment for you. You were looking for one between 860 and 970 sq ft. With its +900 sq ft of duplex living space, it couldn’t be better. At the heart of the Escudier district, your familiar domain where you enjoy your routine It features two bedrooms and a beautiful south-facing terrace for your plants. And for you as well, since sunbathing is your guilty pleasure. The beautiful 410 sq ft living room with an open kitchen is bathed in light. And cupboards? You got them! And the icing on the cake: an underground parking space. It’s proof that you mustn’t lose hope in (or for) Billancourt....


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BARNES Boulogne
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