Real Estate in Courchevel and Méribel

Formerly a popular summer resort of Savoyards, Courchevel has become in a few shovels a popular destination for skiers around the world. How? By winning as one of the first ski resorts in 1925, and by combining authenticity with finesse and luxury.

Courchevel is now synonymous with 5 stars hotels, with restaurants run by top chefs, luxury chalets on the slopes, hundreds of shops and dozens of spas, but also his cousin in snow, Méribel. Together, the 2 neighbors stun residents and visitors.

Up there, in my cottage

"Up there," it really depends on the altitude: in Courchevel, in principle, the higher it is, the more expensive it is. Between stations and lower villages and Courchevel 1850, the price per square meter can double up! From 6,000 to 12,000 euros for a 3 rooms, for example. Prices are also not the same in each neighborhood: in Pralong, prices soar to 35,000 euros per square meter, and in the luxurious Alpine Garden (45,000 euros per square meter) or in Bellecôte.

You hear "mountain" and think cottage, plush sofas and crackling fireplace. And you're right. A chalet in the mountains, is to have the option to go on ski holidays on a whim, pleased to be back home after a hard day on the slopes, the privilege of waking up to the snowy peaks and ... the luxury of also enjoying the summer.

A luxury very possible in Courchevel, where you can buy chalets with a sauna, an elevator, a bathroom in each bedroom, a billiard room, a home cinema, a bar ... for a few million. In short, enough to relax after a beautiful day of skiing on the slopes (or hiking between the trees). The situation is basically the same in Meribel, where the cottages, often larger (10 rooms against 5 in Courchevel) and always very typical, are listed between 2.5 and 3.5 million euros, with the guarantee to enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain range.

Up there, in my apartment

If being in a cottage scares you (remember, the Yeti does not exist … even if no one has ever confirmed it), or the snow, it's more fun in a community, consider an apartment. Located in typical buildings with wooden facades, apartments in Courchevel are often luxurious and spacious, situated on the slopes - a studio can reach a million euros as larger apartments (2 to 4 rooms) are sold 1.5 to 3 million euros.

In its neighbor, Méribel, prices are slightly lower, with 3 to 6 rooms often less than one million euros - enough to make millions happy (you).

Part-time Snow

Happy but restless? Consider renting. So you can explore the trails of the great rivals of Courchevel and Meribel (Val Thorens or Megève) or spend the winter at the beach. The luxury chalets rental in the mountains are on the rise, and prices can soar to great heights: palaces of over 1,000 square meters can sell 200 to 300,000 euros per week ...

Invest in Courchevel or Meribel, yes, but how?
No need break you back climbing mountains, SoBarnes takes care of everything.

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