Saint-Tropez, the legend

4500 inhabitants and yet ... It is the most famous fishing port in the world. Saint-Tropez attracts extravagance, luxury and the jet set on the quays while gigantic yachts lie dormant on the peninsula and the villas nestle between turquoise waters and pine forest.

Since the Gendarme de Saint-Tropez, in 1964, almost nothing has changed. “Dou-dou-liou liou Saint-Tropez, all the boys are beautiful in Saint-Tropez, all the girls are beautiful, deliciously beautiful." So let's go.

The place to be

Saint-Tropez, a beautiful place hid in the vineyards, the famous legend was brought by the winds by the chirping of cicadas. The lavish parties on majestic yachts or in luxurious villas are dreamy, like the ones in celebrity magazines.

It all started with the cream of the crop: Pablo Picasso, Jacques Prévert, Françoise Sagan, and then, the cinema and captivated with Saint-Trop, Brigitte Bardot, Eddie Barclay, Johnny Hallyday, Alain Delon, Romy Schneider. The fame of this small village is ignited. Today, it is the wealthiest of the CAC 40 and stars who shine in this small fishing port: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Bono and Ronaldo to name a few. Pardon for others, their names ended in O.

Saint-Tropez, sublime

Why all the craze? Because the village is simply, beautiful. The color of the old city is indescribable, ocher and yellow dyed houses of Ponche shine under the benevolent gaze of the dominating Citadel. The sharpest fishermen are docked offshore, alongside luxurious vast and racing yachts. And this unique atmosphere, a mixture of ancient history and modernity, feeds the fervor and dynamism of the village. A certain lightness too, longing for festivities and fun. Where do we go tonight?

A vivacious village

There is always something to do in Saint-Tropez, not purely for leisure. A tour of the Place des Lices in the Provencal market, or later, an aperitif in the shade of plane trees, a game of boules. Boules in St. Tropez that is both trendy and serious. Shopping is also a very popular activity, with small shops and the biggest luxury brands. Who said you had to save money? Not you anyway. It's time to go to the beach: Les Salins, Moutte, or the beaches of Pampelonne. The choice is difficult, but the chic Club 55 (Patrice always there to greet you), Nioulargo and its Thai restaurant, Nikki Beach, Tahiti beach or one that is taking off that summer. And then in the late afternoon, return to the village to enjoy a mojito at Sénéquier or Margarita Gorilla while admiring the boats returning to the port. While the sun is in the sky, you feel the excitement mounting, animation invades the village, in each of its streets. Symbol of warm sleepless nights, St. Tropez embodies the grandeur, celebration, and luxury, every summer evening with a tour of the Grand Dukes: the must-see Caves du Roy, VIP room and why not the legendary Papagayo. Here, music reigns and dancing, an art. It’s not only Jacques Dutronc who like girls of Saint-Tropez.

A little further behind

End of the bling-bling, time to go home in discreetly hidden villas along a side street, a dead end or a road. The luxury here is the tranquility and sounds of the crickets.

To discover these secret places, one must roam the streets of the old town or the small roads in the hinterland.

Route des Salins leads to the Parc de Saint-Tropez (a private domain), where the beauty of the villas is breathtaking. A little further, the Moutte park with his beautiful wild beach at the shelter looks on. A worthy paradise, a bit of a walk to get there. Camouflaged under blooming laurels in the shade of pine trees, the houses are discrete on Capon road and the highway Chapelle Saint Anne. Towards the road of Tahiti, another beautiful part of St. Tropez, with the beach road that goes all the way up to Ramatuelle.

Saint-Tropez or nothing, because ...

  1. Between a view of the ocean or vineyard, why choose?
  2. The small cafes of Sénéquier are definitely the best
  3. A Tropézienne pie for dessert every day without gaining a pound, challenge yourself!

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