“Happy, who like Ulysses, has made a fine voyage....”, in Ramatuelle.

Like the columns of Hercules, the maritime pines seem to guard the entrance of this 19,375 sq ft property. No matter how far you travel, no matter where your quests take you, this is where your odyssey ends. And this is where you chose to plant your roots. By some twist of fate, your wife is named Penelope but she doesn’t weave during the day. She’s more the type to read passionate French poetry, facing the sea at breakfast. The 320 m² house, the swimming pool that seems to be dug right into the rock, the trees in the park and the sun immutably setting in front of the house, make this property your very own Mount Olympus. From the terraces overlooking the sea, you are Poseidon. And in the landscaped gardens, you are Dionysus, lord of every party you throw. Apollo, Aphrodite, Hera... This house is blessed by the gods, and each of the ten main rooms reminds you of it at every moment.



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